Thursday, September 13, 2007

Attention Students

Please make note: If you are reading this and you are a student and you are leaving for class relatively soon, do me a favour and look at your pants. If they are, in fact, not pants but flannel pajama bottoms, please do everyone and yourself a favour and go immediately to your closet, pull out actual for-real pants and put them on. When did it become okay to leave the house in your pajamas? And not “maybe pass for loungewear” kind of pajamas. I’m talking baby blue flannel with the lemon yellow duckies on them, or those red ones with the reindeers on them left over from Christmas that you’re still wearing. That wardrobe choice is never the one you should make when deciding what to wear to school or the grocery store or anywhere else. Nobody says you have to wear an Armani suit to class but please, for the love of my eyes in the morning, just grab a pair of jeans. Especially girl in front of me on my walk to work yesterday -- that was an especially unpleasant example of why this fashion choice looks good on nobody. The super cute sensitive boy in your British Lit class will never buy you a latte if you’re wearing pajama bottoms.

That’s why the world has pants stores!!

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