Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hot Bunny Radio Playlist for July 30th


* denotes Canadian talent
italics denotes a new release


CLICK HERE FOR A FULL PODCAST OF TONIGHT'S SHOWTASTIC SHOW!!!!!! (even though the streaming is technically broken let's appreciate the thought anyway!)

  • M Ward -- Eyes on the Prize -- Post War
  • Florence & the Machine -- Dog Days Are Over -- A Lot of Love, A Lot of Blood
  • She and Him - Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want -- (500) Days of Summer OSR
  • The Modernettes -- Barbra -- Get It Straight *
  • Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros - Arms Aloft -- Streetcore
  • Bill Withers -- Ain't No Sunshine -- Greatest Hits (VINYL)
  • Royal City -- A Belly Was Made for Wine -- Royal City *
  • Amelia Curran -- Scattered & Small -- War Brides *
  • Neko Case -- Knock Loud -- Canadian Amp (VINYL)
  • Mary Milne -- Song for Pony -- Don't You Know I Love, The Leavin' *
  • Still Life Still -- Kid -- Girls Come Too *
  • Rancid -- Lulu -- Let the Dominoes Fall
  • The Salteens -- Look Out! Look Out! -- Let Go Of Your Bad Days *
  • Rachelle van Zanten -- Figure It Out -- Where Your Garden Grows *
  • Bon Iver -- Re: Stacks -- For Emma, Forever Ago (VINYL)
  • Regina Spektor -- Laughing With -- Far
  • The White Wires -- Girly Girly Girly -- The White Wires (VINYL) *
  • Eels -- In My Dreams -- Hombre Lobo: 12 Songs of Desire
  • Otis Redding -- Try A Little Tenderness -- Live in Europe (VINYL)
  • Joel Plaskett -- Precious, Precious, Precious -- Three *
  • Damien Jurado -- Gillian Was a Horse -- Caught in the Trees (VINYL)
  • The Danks -- What We're Doing -- Are You Afraid of...
  • Willie Nelson -- The Time of the Preacher -- Red Headed Stranger (VINYL)
  • Share -- Awake At Dawn -- Slumping in Your Murals -- *
  • Wilco -- You and I -- Wilco (the album) (VINYL)
  • The New Amsterdams -- The Blood on the Floor -- At the Foot of My Rival
  • Hayden -- The Place Where We Lived -- The Place Where We Lived *
  • Billy Bragg & Wilco -- California Stars -- Mermaid Avenue

  • My goosebumpy heart -- that She & Him cover is just the bestest of the best;
  • We've decided that that Bill Withers cover is just the worst thing ever;
  • "A Belly Was Made for Wine" - best song title and totally dedicated to me and Big City Kelly who have been living like teenagers all week;
  • Bill Withers has the ability to cut your heart right out and roll it around in his fingers with that song;
  • Remember Neko Case at Massey Hall when she noise-rocked the shit out of "Knock Loud???"
  • I love playing new stuff for Big City Kelly!!!!!! Another Bon Iver fan marked in the books!
  • "Try a Little Tenderness" maybe an obvious choice but let's not undermine the phenomenal greatnessitude of that song;
  • So Damien Jurado? I bought the record after having twice said "Hey who is this? It's great!" and twice having the answer be "It's Damien Jurado!" Love it!!
  • The Danks' record is considerably better than their name would otherwise indicate. Seriously......that's a bad band name;
  • Hayden on vinyl? Purchased and loved. Thanks Criminal Records!

Monday, July 27, 2009

bubble envy

I see over at ohdeedoh that even 3 year old Ava can have the Nelson Bubble lamp. Why can't I have the Nelson Bubble lamp??? I'm a grown up....

file under crazy

The Boggins Window Crib. Even though it was the 1920's, who on earth thought this was a good idea???

ink calendar

The prettiness!!! This Ink Calendar from Oscar Diaz just made my day today. I have a huge blank wall in my office and walking in to this everyday would just make me smile forever. My office or my bedroom - hell why not have one in every room in every colour!

It keeps you up to date for an entire year - all you need is the bottle of ink and sure-footed friends who won't wipe out the whole thing - using no energy or power at all.


scaling back

Over at The Kitchn AGAIN they have wowed me with some kitchen gadget - this one I admit I do completely need!!

The Taylor Digital Measuring Cup and Scale. Where were you this weekend when Marco, my mother and myself were madly trying to convert the strange measurements in this cookbook to fit the measuring cups we had at the cottage. I'm seriously thinking of picking this up.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

what i did on my summer vacation: part four

While vacationing in Thornbury we were lucky enough to stumble across the meat mecca that is Black Angus Meats. If you ever find yourself on Highway 26 just outside of Collingwood, do you meat-loving heart the favour of a lifetime and pull the hell over.

We went there innocently searching for a pork shoulder for our pulled pork sammiches and instead found enough wild game to make any meat-lover get a little teary eyed.

We left there with a cooler full of bison (burgers and pepperettes) but mostly cinghaile (wild boar) which is pretty much what Marc lived on when we honeymooned in Italy in 2007. So we loaded up on wild boar stewing beef, some chops, ground boar and even 2 buttery soft filets. We even threw in some medallions of caribou just for kicks.

What else do they have? Well muskox burgers, ostrich burgers, boar burgers - they even have camel! And rattlesnake!!

This newly restored meat eater is a pretty happy lady as bison is quickly becoming one of my favourite meats. I've been devouring my bisonettes like they're going out of style. But seeing Marc with his mitts full of wild boar was like seeing a kid at Christmas. You can get it here in town but not in this many varieties!!

Even better news???? They will ship!!! You can bet the postman will be bringing us more than a few deliveries of strange meats over the next year....

what i did on my summer vacation: part three

From River and Sky we hauled ass over to Thornbury for our annual cottage rental with my parents, my brother and sister-in-law and all 4 of my gaw-geous wee neices.

Obviously we cottaged so not a whole lot to write about except we made our delicious pulled pork sammiches, whipped up a batch of our Arrested Development style frozen bananas, I made my way through piles of trashy summer reading (thank you to the Urse!!!!), slept in, saw bunnies, drank drinks and all your standard cottagey things. All beyond the reach of cell phone service and internet which was kinda awesome to be honest.

Took some pics of our adorable century home we stayed in along with some of the killer antiques that captured my fancy.
Here's the cottage pool where the kids pretty much spent every second it wasn't raining.

Here's the pretty pretty century cottage.

Given my penchant for antique oil paintings lately, this one almost ended up in my trunk;

This is the main room with the exposed beams etc.
Here's Sadie who I'm pretty sure, never wanted to come home.

Main room view from the kitchen;

The desk upstairs that I think is pretty much perfection;

This was the floor lamp in our bedroom. And there was a matching table lamp in the basement not being used!! Wha???
Another adorable shabby-chic oil painting;

This lamp was part of a set. And I pretty much thought it was the best thing ever. And it would go brilliantly with my camel lamp I have that nobody loves but me.

We celebrated my Dad's 64th birthday while we were there and I made Nigella Lawson's chocolate honey cake for the occasion. Then my Dad murdered it.

So that was about it in a cottagey nutshell!!!!

what i did on my summer vacation: part two

Post-Toronto - on to River Valley for the River and Sky Camping and Music Festival and outside of biblical sized rainstorms, the weekend could not have been a bigger success!!

Held in a tiny little Northern Ontario campground, this festival offered everything the big boys do but without the over-crowding and the blown out of proportion costs. Nothing but gorgeous scenery, hometown crowds, killer bands and good old fashioned musical communing with a group of people entirely on the same page.

It was the first year for the festival and every single person left the grounds already planning for next year. We didn't camp this year due to logistical hiccups but next year look out! We've already got a mental blueprint of our campground for River and Sky 2010!!!

Here's a killer father/son moment captured by the great Debb Trahan-Pero. Kinda sums up the whole weekend....
Here's a pic of the river that runs right through the festival grounds taken by the brains behind the festival, Peter Zwarich.

And here's The Joliettes performing on Friday night.

And here's the great GREAT stage looking like something right out of a Hayden album complete with beaver painting and orange shag carpet and twinkly lights.

Seriously, keep this new festival on your radar for next summer. You will not be disappointed!!

Congrats to anyone and everyone involved in making this little gem sparkle even in the pouring rain!!

what i did on my summer vacation: part one

So I been away awhile and it's cuz I been away doing all kinds o'summer fun stuff! The next few posts are a breakdown of how I've been spending my time!!

First trip - off to Toronto for my much anticipated Neko Case show at Massey Hall! My favourite female performer at my favourite musical venue. It was staggering. I've been blessed with 2 Neko Case shows this summer and if I see one more my wee little heart might break. For a review, you can likely refer back to my review of her Trinity Church show - same feelings, same thoughts, and if you forced me to choose, likely my preferred show of the two. But only because the intimacy of the church venue allowed you to actually hear her voice before it hit the microphone - making you think, even for a split second, that she was singing just to you. But really, both shows were breathtaking and even if I saw her perform once a week every week, I would never tire.

Worth special mention is her 2nd encore performance of "Knock Loud." I've never heard her perform that song live and she just Sonic Youth-ed the shit out of that song and just made my skin jump right off my body and back on again.

Honestly, a Neko show is almost too much for me. Too much amazingness, too much greatness, too many teary-eyed moments for me in public, just too much all around.

And coming up in November at Massey Hall - Monsters of Folk with Jim James, Conor Oberst, M Ward, and Mike Mogis?!?!?!?! Yup I'm SO there!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

river and sky festival

The first annual River and Sky Music and Camping Festival is this weekend!! It's the very first one so it's just little - don't you wanna come out and watch it grow up big and strong?? I know I do!

Running all this weekend you can catch Attack in Black, Julie Doiron, The Sunparlour Players, Kate Maki, Oh Susanna, Nathan Lawr, The Fembots, The Divorcees, The Violet Archers, Ox, and a pile of other great people.

Bring your kids, bring your dogs! Bring your tent!! Bring good food!

Oh and someone, please bring the nice weather. I don't think anyone told the weather...

Hot Bunny Radio Playlist for July 16th


* denotes Canadian talent
italics denotes a new release

This week's show is all about what's going down this weekend at the River and Sky Festival!!!!! Taking place in River Valley, after this weekend this festival will be 1 year old!! Come out and support the newborn festival!!

  • Shotgun & Jaybird -- Hindsight -- There Are Days and Then There Are Days *
  • $100 -- 14th Floor -- Forest of Tears *
  • The Sunparlour Players -- Joy In What You Lack -- Wave North *
  • Eye Was an Ion -- The Measure of Attitude -- Eye Was an Ion *
  • Julie Doiron -- Last Night -- Goodnight Nobody *
  • The Joliettes -- He Said, She Said -- EP *
  • Fembots -- A Million Dead End Jobs -- Small Town Murder Scene *
  • Hard Ryde -- Turkeyville Road -- Stages *
  • The Divorcees -- After the Storm is Gone -- Last of the Free Men
  • Ryan Bishops -- Under A Northern Sky -- unreleased *
  • Alun Piggins -- Navigate By Stars -- Balladesque *
  • Nathan Lawr & the Minotaurs -- Righteous Heart -- A Sea of Tiny Lights * (VINYL)
  • The Violet Archers -- Saved Me -- The End of Part One *
  • Ox -- Promised Land -- Dust Bowl Revival * (VINYL)
  • Attack in Black -- Leaving Your Death in a Flowerbed -- Years (by one thousand fingertips) *
  • Meadowlark Five -- Fashion Hawk -- Meadowlark Five *
  • The Saltcoats -- Can't Drink Enough -- Days of the Sun *
  • Kate Maki -- One By One -- The Sun Will Find Us *
  • The Deep Dark Woods -- When First Into This Country -- Winter Hours *
  • Oh Susanna -- Little White Lies -- Oh Susanna *
  • Eye Was an Ion -- Phonograph Turns -- Eye Was an Ion *
  • The Sunparlour Players -- Hymn for the Happy -- Hymns for the Happy *
  • Nathan Lawr -- Shaking Like a Rake -- Secret Carpentry *
  • The Joliettes -- Safehouse -- EP *
  • The Divorcees -- Take Take Take -- You Ain't Getting My Country *
  • $100 -- Forest of Tears -- Forest of Tears *
  • Alun Piggins -- Spark -- Awaken the Snakes *
  • Shotgun Jimmie -- I Asked Cupid -- Still Jimmie *
  • Fembots -- Demolition Waltz -- The City *
  • Julie Doiron -- Yer Kids -- Woke Myself Up *
  • The Saltcoats -- So Long To A Dream -- Bells & Whistles *
  • Oh Susanna -- Beauty Queen -- Short Stories *
  • Attack in Black -- Years (By 1000 Fingertips) -- Years (By 1000 Fingertips) *

  • Pumped to see the SPP guys play again so soon!!
  • Man, I could see Julie Doiron play every night of every week;
  • Oh Joliettes!!!
  • Haven't seen the Fembots play in a dog's age! Youpee!!!!!!!
  • Dear Ryan B: Record an album!! PLEASE!!!!!!
  • Man, we are SO gonna get rained on this weekend while festival-ing.......BOO!
  • Man, I'm pumped to see Deep Dark Woods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • "Angora sweater between you and bliss" -- such a great lyric.....
  • Man, I'd like The Joliettes even if I wasn't married to the guitar player;


harry potter and the half blood prince

Saw the new Harry Potter last night and easy to say it's my favourite of the bunch so far. Here's why:

  • you really see the depth of the friendship between Harry, Ron and Hermione this time. The actors are really coming into their own and are showing that they've actually got some acting chops;
  • It's funny. Hilariously funny. And in a real subtle way. The jokes are small and usually centered around facial expressions or shared glances - not the slapstick predictable humour that kinda ran amuck in some of the other ones;
  • The scene-stealers - Jessie Cave as Lavender Brown is perfect casting. She really is great. But who's better than her? The incredible Jim Broadbent as Horace Slughorn! You'd hesitate to use the words "Oscar worthy" in the same sentence as a Harry Potter movie but he really is exceptional. I'm only sad that he hasn't been in every one of the H.P movies;
  • Michael Gambon really is the best he's ever been in this movie;
  • Snape. One doesn't need to say more than that. He was born to play that role;
  • They really stepped up their game in terms of transition shots etc. They found some really different ways to move around the set etc. It's a gorgeous movie - and with the same cinematographer as Amelie, it's not hard to see why;
  • Ginny Weasley - the chemistry between her and Harry is teen-love perfection. Considering what a build-up this was they couldn't have done it any better;
  • Hermione's love for Ron - so sweet and so sad all at the same time;
  • Helena Bonham Carter - normally I'm not a fan at all but she OWNS that part and is just the perfect amount of bat-shit crazy to nail that role;

What was dumb about this movie:
  • I would have liked more story less flitty romancy stuff. Yes it's a funny story line BUT they did seem to have favoured more of that at the expense of some of the guts of the book;
  • The fight scene when Dumbledore dies. How can you leave that out??? There was supposed to have been a big fight between the Order of the Phoenix dudes and the Death Eaters and there wasn't at all. Zero Bill and Fleur too!! Wha??
  • In the book Dumbledore puts the Invisibility cloak over Harry and freezes him, thus preventing him from doing anything to help - in the movie he just tells him to hide. Hard to believe that Harry would actually listen without being physically prevented from doing so. Character adjustment that just doesn't work for me;
  • No fight scene kinda makes the movie just stop. It rolls along brilliantly and then just has this ending that is so lacking in comparison to the rest of the movie. Ron's silly little tryst with Lavendar gets more screen time than the whole Dumbledore thing! How is that possible? More screen time than Snape?!?!? That's just wrong.
But outside of a bit of an unsatisfying ending, the movie is brilliant. Considering it's the BIG movie, they delivered. It's super sad, super funny, interesting start to finish and totally my favourite of the bunch so far.

Now do I really have to wait AGAIN for part one of the Deathly Hallows?!?!?!?! You SUCK!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

i wanna do bad things...

...with Eric.

have a happy day

I want to send this card to everyone.

{buy it on Dazey Chic}

weekend round-up

This weekend I flew solo mostly as Marc had some Toronto gigs with The Saltcoats - one at the Dakota (which ended up being a full house!) and one at Mitzy's Sister. Alas I couldn't make the trip but will meet him in the big city for Neko Case at Massey Hall on Tuesday!!!!!

Friday we night we caught the late show of Public Enemies which, you may have noticed, I was a wee bit excited for and I must say, I was not disappointed. Here's why:
  • Was it a great historic piece on Dillinger? Not really. But was it a great bank heist movie? For sure. A bunch of guys in their 20's running around robbing banks acting like, well guys in their 20's;
  • How good was Johnny Depp? Real real good. Dillinger was known to be incredibly charming, well dressed and even graceful and Depp really was the perfect choice;
  • Honestly, if someone like that had come up to me and said they liked baseball, movies, good clothes, whiskey, fast cars and me, I totally would've gone with him too;
  • Marion Cotillard is about as adorable as anything. She had a horrible accent but it didn't bother me one bit;
  • The action sequences - they switch back and forth between film and video for the shoot-outs and even though some of the handheld close up camera shots are a bit hard to see at times, it was a very welcome change to your standard 1930's gangster shoot out scenes where they just cut back and forth from the window with the bank robbers shooting tommy guns to the cops hiding behind their car doors. It really gave a unique perspective and frankly a great close up look to the shoot-outs;
  • Killer cast - Christian Bale, Billy Crudup (as a great J. Edgar Hoover) and just about every other great character actor I love, even though I wonder why some of them showed up for such small and largely meatless parts;
  • It's been such a long time since I've seen Johnny Depp in a "regular guy" role. It was just nice to see him not dressed like a pirate or a Tim Burton character that I think I am just feeling very Depp-refreshed. You forget how good he is even without inches of makeup and wigs. Seriously -- it's been since 2004 since he played a "regular guy!!"
  • It was long. Too long. But I do declare, 2 hours and 21 minutes of Johnny Depp being THAT dreamy is enough to make a girl weak in the knees.
All in all, I quite liked it as a great little depression era bank robbery movie. But not as a deep character picture revealing the inner workings of a legendary historical figure. Which is fine by me.

Saturday I hung with the folks and my neices and Sunday went for breakfast, hung with the nieces some more and my folks came over to help me set up my new bed in my guest room!! Now I can have real company and not ask them to sleep on a futon meant for the trash like last time! AND I get to buy new sheets now, one of my favourite things to purchase!

Tonight I anticipate a new episode of True Blood and the season premiere of Entourage!

And now, we continue to count the sleeps until my favourite female performer at my favourite live music venue. Eeeeep!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hot Bunny Radio Playlist for July 9th

CKLU 96.7 FM

* denotes Canadian talent
italics denotes a new release
  • Isaac Hayes -- Never Can Say Goodbye -- Black Moses (VINYL)
  • Timber Timbre -- Lay Down in the Tall Grass -- Timber Timbre *
  • Beirut -- Scenic World -- Lon Gisland
  • Attack in Black -- Birmingham -- Years (By One Thousand Fingertips) *
  • Joel Plaskett -- Heartless, Heartless, Heartless -- Three *
  • Bonnie Raitt -- Under the Falling Sky -- Give It Up (VINYL)
  • Patrick Watson -- Big Bird in a Small Cage -- Wooden Arms *
  • Fleet Foxes -- Heard Them Stirring -- Fleet Foxes
  • Tegan & Sara -- Are You Ten Years Ago -- The Con *
  • Blonde Redhead & Devastations -- Where the Road Ends -- Dark Was the Night
  • Metric -- Gold Guns Girls -- Fantasies *
  • Fembots -- The Ballad of Lucybelle Crater -- Calling Out *
  • K'Naan -- Fire in Freetown -- Troubadour *
  • Julie Doiron -- Lovers of the World -- I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day *
  • Fucked Up -- Days of Last -- The Chemistry of Common Life *
  • Deep Dark Woods -- Five Hundred Metres -- Hang Me Oh Hang Me *
  • Elliott Brood -- 31 Years -- Mountain Meadows *
  • Animal Names -- My Friends For Mayor -- Oh Yes You Better Do
  • Malajube -- Dragon de Glace -- Labyrinthes *
  • She & Him -- Take It Back -- Volume One
  • Great Lake Swimmers -- Everything is Moving So Fast -- Lost Channels *
  • Chris Valen -- Oldest Trick -- Solidago
  • The Queers -- Janelle, Janelle -- Don't Back Down *
  • Wilco -- One Wing -- Wilco (the album)
  • Chad VanGaalen -- Molten Light -- Soft Airplane *
  • Big Star -- Don't Lie To Me -- #1 Record
  • Wilco -- Bull Black News -- Wilco (the album)

  • Hope you were all able to keep your clothes on during the Isaac. Or maybe you didn't!! In which case -- good on ya!!!!
  • Timber Timbre should have ABSOLUTELY been shortlisted for the Polaris Prize. Robbery!!!
  • Yeah that's right, you heard me - I think the Hey Rosetta album is ASS! They sound like songs Hawksley Workman wrote that he didn't think were good enough for his own record. Tell me you haven't heard their sound 22 times already in the last few years?
  • Tell me who was cooler than 1972 Bonnie Raitt????
  • I think that was the first time we've played that Patrick Watson record. We'll have to make up for that;
  • How happy are we that Metric made the Polaris List???? Dancing happy!!!
  • Why didn't Julie Doiron make the Polaris list??? She wasn't even longlisted....
  • I think this Chris Velan fellow and I *might* get along. Must wait to hear more than one track before we make full judgement;
  • Don't forget to see Deep Dark Woods at the River and Sky Festival!!!!
  • I kinda wish my name was Janelle so that Queers song could be about me;
  • Oh new Wilco.....let's never be apart;

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

bathing beauties indeed...

As our cottage holiday fast approaches, I'm drooling over the idea of a new summer swimsuit. One of these to be exact....

amsterdam bound

I would like to buy this Amsterdam blouse about 100 times.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

flatshare fridge

Man, where were you sweet fridge when my roommates used all my mayonnaise and drank all my fancy organic juice??? Designed for those sharing a living space the Flatshare fridge is made to keep the apartment happy. They're even portable!! AND they can be customized with their own skins (including a white board if you like). leftover pizza was always considered fair game to all.

top ten fancy foods

Over at The Kitchn, my new favourite daily read, they were talking about their top 10 favourite things and this year's Fancy Food Show. These 2 things really caught my eye for sure:

"Black Garlic: Fermented for 30 days under high heat, it turns out garlic goes black. That you can see. What you can't see is how sweet and mellow it is. Use it as you would roasted garlic: smashed on bruschetta, as a meat rub, in sauces. But then expand your mind to desserts: the Black Garlic people do something with bananas and vanilla ice cream... My only wish is that the treatment was being given to domestic garlic. This stuff comes from Korea and I'm not about to start fermenting my own in my 600 square foot apartment. ("

"Grapefruit Yogurt from Siggi's Skyr's: I've been a fan of this Icelandic-style yogurt since my daughter made it one of her first foods two years ago. Siggi, a dashing six foot plus Icelandic yogurt man, is introducing a new flavor: Grapefruit. Another yogurt company makes a sickly sweet grapefruit yogurt, which inspired the grapefruit yogurt cake in my book, but Siggi's is my new favorite. This one is going into heavy rotation. ("

"Pickled Dwarf Peaches from Conti: Not available for sale (yet) but a great idea to play around with for those of you who are into preserving. A little vinegar, oil and water, plus some bits of truffle. "Nothing else." Eaten like olives. Exquisite. I met these guys while in Florence. I also recommend their wild boar sauce and organic honey. ("

weekend round-up: Northern Lights edition!

This past weekend was our annual summer music festival here in the Suds, Northern Lights Festival Boreal. We had it all - music, funnel cake, mini-donuts, more music, warm sunshine, freezing cold evenings and even a bit of rain. BUT the weekend also had my favourite Big City Kelly so all in all, the weekend was a success. I wasn't as jazzed about the musical line-up as I have been in past years but I never turn down a chance to see Joel Plaskett and that was likely enough to keep my attention. Here are some pics!!!

Here's the always adorable Ryan and Dan Levecque wowing everyone with their awesomeness.
The equally enjoyable Lisa getting a hug from the impossibly hip Sam (he was sporting a Johnny Cash tee).
My now annual photo of pretty Sophie.
Dan and Sam, old school.

Pals Matt and Lauren, being all adorable and coupley.
Joel Plaskett and Peter Elkas looking eerily like Hall & Oates. They rocked.

Escaping from the festival grounds to grab dinner at the Italian festival!!

More Peter and Joel...

And now just Joel!!

Hey look! More Ryan!!!

Here's the full Ryan band.

Just Dan with his guitar, the source of all my guitar envy!

See? Sam is impossibly hip.

I kinda got weary of taking pics after Saturday afternoon so there's no pics of the super adorable Jenn Grant or of Hawksley Workman (who gave a less than inspiring set anyway so we'll call it even). But I posted pics of them last year anyway - they still look the same.