Tuesday, March 31, 2009

grammar police

Do you want to smack people who say "alot" instead of "a lot?"  Lord knows I do.  I'm not saying I don't make mistakes but it's the blatant 12 year old grammar mistakes that make me mental.  Today at work I saw the epitome of grammar police excellence thanks to Dr. Grammar.  Refer all your grammar questions to the Doctor from now on.  

Let's refresh quickly though.  We like Dr. Grammar a lot.  Not alot.

weekend round-up

This weekend was essentially all-Ottawa all the time and it was glorious.  Glorious and exhausting sure, but definitely more exhausting.

Friday - blah.  We spent the night packing and prepping for Ottawa.  Not worth mentioning.

Saturday = Ottawa!!!  Youpee!!!!  Dropped Sadie off with my folks and hit the road to our nation's capital for a whirlwind visit with my cousin Kaili and LB.  They're about ready to pop with their first wee bebe so we had to squeeze in a good times party visit before it was too late!  So we landed in Ottawa with just enough time to squeeze in a "must happen" trip to Kiehl's, wolfed down a giant crazy delicious dinner in Chinatown and off the see the Constantines and the Weakerthans then to a pub for late night drinks.  Kudos to Kaili for being the best trooper out there putting up with all our silly shenanigans when all she wanted to do was sleep and rub her achy pregnant back.

Sunday Kaili and LB showed us around their new neighbourhood and we hit the Candy Store and the Bagel Shop to load up on supplies to keep us going back up North.  Hit up Murray Street Cafe for an amazing brunch - seriously the best bacon I've ever had.  I will have dreams about that bacon.  For realsies.  It kept me going for the long and boring and rainy drive home all the way back to the great white north.  

Honestly it was great to get out of the city for SO many reasons but it was even better when it can be a visit with family that fixes it all.  Sigh....now I feel like I need 100 naps to make up for it all.  Obviously since it's taken me until Tuesday to write my weekend round-up.....

neutral milk hotel, meet the theatre...

Pitchfork is reporting that  "one-half of cabaret-laced performance-pop duo the Dresden Dolls and solo artist, Amanda Palmer is rehearsing with Lexington High School students for a play based on Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. The production will culminate in a weekend's worth of shows May 7-9 at Lexington High's 1000-capacity auditorium."

Yeah I can say I'm intrigued even though I do have a huge hate-on for musical theatre as a rule.  Blame my former co-worker who got me turned on to N.M.H.

canadian bees = awesome

I'm posting this for both my bee-keeping fascinated husband and my actual bee-keeping friend Jocelyne.  Saw this on the news blogs today and thought it was worth mentioning.  According to "the news." over 50,000 bees now call 3 hives on the 14th floor rooftop of Toronto's Fairmont Royal York Hotel home.   In addition to churning out food to be served in the hotel itself, these bees are hard at work sourcing out nectar over a 5-6 kilometre radius from the hotel.  These bees are so hip, they're not only trying to keep the Royal York hip, they're also pollinating thousands of plants in the downtown core plus the Toronto islands, the Don Valley watershed and all the city parks.  The hives are there as part of the hotel's current decade old flourishing herb garden which is maintained by the hotel's chefs.

Monday, March 30, 2009

great pairing '09

Fun musical announcement yesterday from the folks over at the Wilco website. Joining Wilco on the next as-yet-to-be titled album will be none other than the vocal stylings of everyone's favourite Canadian warbler Feist. Apparently her backing vocals are to be featured on the track 'You and I." Let's play the Song Title Assumption game and imagine that her and Jeff Tweedy are doing kind of a love-gone-wrong heartachey ballad. Cuz in my mind, that's the best pairing of those 2 voices.....heartachey and sad.

Friday, March 27, 2009

where the wild things are

I'm so excited to see the film version of Where the Wild Things Are, especially since seeing some of this stills! It looks gorgeous and I'm so happy they made sure that Max was wearing his furry suit complete with pointy ears! Directed by Spike Jonze and complete with music by Arcade Fire and a voice by Paul Dano? I really, really hope it's good - it's had a lot of disaster stories attached to it and it would such a shame if such a great story like this comes out ruined. When the trailer was released it seemed to calm folks down a bit and now it seems that the film has developed quite a legion of fans based on that alone. Some are calling it this generation's Neverending Story. I friggin hope so! Who knows? That poster is perfection though and these stills are over the top fantasy gorgeous to me.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

twittering dogs

Saw this over at Not Going Postal (thanks to Richard for the referral!) and thought that, given my recent Twitter bug, that it was pretty friggin funny.  It's what dogs would be twittering.  How is that not funny! 

bailey Just pooped in the hall. On the swirly-patterned rug so it’s indiscernible. Hilarity will ensue.

tutter @bailey BOL! Get it? Bark out Loud.

Quince @tutter @bailey U R such a tool.

bailey Just heard the humans scream. Guess they discovered it! #baddog

tutter @bailey UR such a bitch ROFBOL

Quince @tutter @bailey She’s done worse. I have proof. http://twitpic.com/2epil

tutter RT @Quince http://twitpic.com/2epil hahaha! #baddog

bailey @Quince UR so retarded! I can’t believe you posted that!!

tutter Heard the fridge open. Running to the kitchen at full speed. #corgisrule

Quince @tutter Full speed is pretty slow when you’re shaped like a football with feet.

tutter @Quince Bite me. At least I don’t run around barking like an idiot when the humans say “Is Timmy in the well?” #douche

bailey why is everyone who follows me a neo-con or a porn spammer? or a cat.

bigcat @bailey fine, I’m blocking you. You weren’t reciprocating anyway.

quince Totally humping @tutter right now! I rule.

Tutter @quince @bailey Hahaha! Just noticed mom is following you both. You are so busted.

Hot Bunny Radio Playlist for March 25th

CKLU 96.7 FM
italics denotes a new release
* denotes Canadian talent


  • The Joliettes -- Safe House -- unreleased EP
  • Andrew Vincent -- Going Out Tonight -- Rotten Pear *
  • Gentleman Reg -- You Can't Get it Back -- Jet Black *
  • Atomic 7 -- Meet me Tonight in the Shadow of Love -- ...en Hillbilly Caliente *
  • Johnny Cash -- Where the Soul of Man Never Dies -- Unearthed IV: My Mother's Hymn Book
  • Sebadoh -- Magnet's Cell -- Bakesale
  • Hayden -- We Don't Mind -- Everything I Long For (vinyl) *
  • Camera Obscura -- Lloyd, I'm Ready to be Heartbroken -- Let's Get Out of This Country
  • Violent Femmes -- I Hate the TV -- Add it Up (1981-1993)
  • Melissa McClelland -- A Girl Can Dream -- Victoria Day *
  • Nick Drake -- Time Has Told Me -- Five Leaves Left
  • Jim Bryson --Feel Much Better -- The North Side Benches (vinyl) *
  • Shotgun & Jimmie -- Waist Deep in the Water -- Still Jimmie *
  • Sarah Blackwood -- My Mistake Baby Boy -- Way Back Home *
  • Joel Plaskett -- Every Time You Leave -- Three *
  • Van Morrison -- Brand New Day -- Moondance
  • PJ Harvey -- Send His Love To Me -- To Bring You My Love
  • Dan Auerbach -- Heartbroken, In Disrepair -- Keep It Hid
  • Shannon Lyon -- Jenny's Song -- Someday Mourning *
  • Social Distortion -- It Coulda Been Me -- Social Distortion
  • Timber Timbre -- We'll Find Out -- Timber Timbre *
  • The Weakerthans -- Utilities -- Reunion Tour *
  • The Damned -- Love Song -- Best of the Damned
  • Leona Naess -- Dues to Pay -- Leona Naess
  • The Gruesomes -- Leave My Kitten Alone -- Gruesomania *
  • Paul Westerberg -- Sunrise Always Listens -- Suicaine Gratification
  • Constantines -- Nighttime/Anytime (It's Alright) - Shine a Light *
  • Apostle of Hustle -- The Wristwatch of the Shepherdess -- Adventures in Advertising *
  • Julie Doiron -- Consolation Prize -- I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day *
  • Interpol -- Stella Was a Driver and She Was Always Down -- Turn on the Bright Lights
Notes this week:
  • Yay for Joliettes on the radio!!  Imma proud wife..;
  • that Andrew Vincent kicks some songwriter ass;
  • that Hayden song is one of my all-time faves of his.  The whole idea of playing hooky from work with the one you love, calling in from a phonebooth and how that makes him feel- few songs evoke this much feeling for me;
  • Seriously, that Camera Obscura song is 3 1/2 minutes of pop perfection;
  • Jim Bryson on clear yellow vinyl!!  yay!!!!
  • Dear Joel Plaskett:  I hope all this new stuff is good enough to warrant a triple record.  I'm a wary fan willing to have her mind changed;
  • As I said on Facebook earlier today, I don't care what people say, Moondance is still a record that makes me think of things that involve nudity;
  • I know I played PJ Harvey last week but I listened to like 3 albums in a row of hers at work yesterday and had to play more;
  • Who loves this Dan Auerbach record????  Why can't the Black Keys be Prime Minister?
  • Timber Timbre - this record is carving a nice little niche for itself in my heart;
  • Weakerthans -- 2 more sleeps!!!!!
  • The Damned!  Just for ME here's a love song!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

porn star eyes

In this weekend's Globe and Mail there was a little feature on this girl Sarah - she's got a pretty well-followed YouTube channel where she pretty much sits right up to her web-cam and gives eye make-up tutorials. Genius!! Especially for girls like me who wear glasses and therefore fight an uphill battle with applying eye make-up. Anyway, she does great everyday makeup, theme makeup for halloween, movie character makeup etc. This video is especially great because she's demonstrating how to do "Rock of Love Bus" tramp makeup. As you may know, I think that show is stupendous in it's horrific trampiness and her take on things just seemed too good to pass up. A gal must always know how to apply porn star makeup.

Rock of Love Bus makeup aside, this girl really does do impressive work and appears to be a regular normal girl and not some super makeupy makeupy girl.

kissy kissy

Sweet, sweet, sweet.  Artist Rachel Foster has done up a poster of a kissing checklist.   Love it!  Thanks Joanna for the heads up!  You can find this over with the genius folks at the Keep Calm Gallery along with about 100 other amazing things.

granola goodness

Grocery shopping the other night and I stumble across these bad boys in the health food section - Praeventia granola bars.  I buy them because the flavours look crazy delicious and they're full of super foods but mainly because they're 2 boxes for $5.00.  In the world of granola bars, that's a decent sale.  And if I do know the price of something in the grocery store, it's granola bars.  Anyway, had my first one today and it just may be my new favourite thing.  Considering how healthy they are, they're about 5 times more flavourful than I thought they were.  Flavours are Cranberry & Pomegrante with Red Wine Extract and Almond & Apple with Green Tea Extract.   They're only 100 calories and they have inulin in them which is a type of prebiotic and a gal with tummy troubles like me takes her prebiotics wherever she can find them.  Sweetened with agave nectar means they don't have any secret nasty sugar sweetening them up and they're whole grains. One package contains 40% of your daily prebiotics, 6% of your daily iron, 16% of your daily dietary fibre and 6 to 7 grams of whole grain!  Not to mention they're dipped in 70% cocoa dark chocolate! All I know is that they're mega yummy and that my current granola bar brand does not offer me Red Wine Extract.  Any excuse to bring booze into the workplace!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

the grasshopper

So this weekend at the birthday festivities I ordered and drank 2 Grasshoppers.  I've never had one before and saw it on the menu and had to have it.  When I was really little, my family used to go to this diner for dinner and it had those paper placemats that they would replace after every patron.  This particular restaurant's paper placemats had about 20 pictures of different cocktails on it and for some reason, the grasshopper cocktail was always my favourite one to look at and imagine drinking as a grown up.  It was likely the prettiest one on the page and the one that would most appeal to the mind of a 9 year old.  So I saw it on the menu and that was that.  I must say, it's been around for so long for a very good reason.  Cuz it's delicious!!!!!  Like ca-razy delicious!!  I wouldn't want to drink them for an entire night but a couple of these minty fresh darlings - well that's just like a great big boozy milkshake for grown-ups.


Something scary has happened to Joe Pesci. Does he have the cancer???? Or is Robert DeNiro just using his one hand to pull everything tight behind Joe's head?

weekend round-up

We actually had, you know, real weekendy stuff on our plates this weekend as opposed to just lolling around which seems to be all we've been doing these last few. Not that lolling around is bad - it's totally great actually. Just not something you want to spend every single weekend doing. Friday night we whooped it up and went out for sushi dinner after walking Sadie. It was glorious and we ate unagi. Relatively quiet night after that - home to love up the puppy and watched Choke on pay-per-view. I'm not even really going to talk about the movie because it was that forgettable. Couple funny parts, sure, but really - blah.

Saturday we had a lovely leisurely morning until it was time to go to our Dogs=Awesome puppy playgroup. Only downside? The craptacular weather!! Seriously, by the end of the week I actually thought the end was near - I walked to work in cute summer flats for the very first time and it was warm and glorious. Wake up Saturday to a fresh blanket of stupid snow. AND it was windy and awful. I tell ya, those dogs are lucky we love them cuz standing in that field watching them play was significantly less cute than it normally is.

Post Dogs=Awesome we ran a million errands - I'm finishing up my Baby Gift 2009 for Kaili's future wee one and had some loose ends to tie up. I gotta say, I'm super pumped with Baby Gift 2009. I've pulled together some pretty freaking cool things. The only thing that might be wrong with it could be that it's all stuff that I like which maybe isn't the best way to shop for someone else's baby? Who knows......but it's awesome!! We're headed down to our nation's capital on Saturday to see them one last time before the bebe comes and I can't friggin wait!! We're going to eat food and see bands and shop for cute things and buy bagels and new Kiehl's. I want to be leaving tomorrow!!

Post errand running we stopped home long enough to hang with Sadie, whip up a yummy pasta dinner with my secret-recipe garlic bread and head out again for Marc's cousin Kristina's birthday celebration at the Laughing Buddha. Even though there was karaoke, my least favourite thing in the whole world, the night was still pretty fun and Kristina seemed to be having a kick-butt time which is all that matters. We stayed for a few cocktails and made it home in time to catch the last bit of Julian Schnabel's Berlin - his film of Lou Reed's 2006 live concert performance of his 1973 concept album "Berlin", filmed over five nights at St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn, New York. It was pretty cool. We saw Lou talk a lot about this a lot during his keynote speech at SXSW last year so it was great to finally see the film.

Sunday finally brought some lolling. And I will say the lolling was actually created by Sadie who apparently was in the mood to be a giant fat lazy lolling puppy pretty much all day. Surprising how hard it is to get motivated when your usually exuberant dog is all lazy and cute and cuddly and not interested in moving anywhere except to another napping spot. We managed to do some chores around her and we capture her interest when we said "wanna go to gramma's???" That perked her up and we headed down there for dinner and the pilfering of mom's stuff which can often happen when you visit your folks. I managed to score this antique needlepoint of deer in a forest that my great grandmother did. We're likely going to reframe it, clean it up and add it to our collection of wacky prints that are on their way to being hung in our entryway. Made it home in time for the season finale of Big Love that was super excellent. Did anyone else watch it????? Did that really happen????? Now what happens???? I can't believe I have to wait until next season!!! Eeeeeeep!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

baby fever

Congrats to Paula and Trevor on their new cuter than cute baby Beth!!!!! We can't wait to see her and her totally squishable face and her mountain of hair!!! She'll need a haircut any minute now! Speaking of haircuts......... :) Congratulations!!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hot Bunny Radio Playlist March 19th

CKLU 96.7 FM
italics denotes a new release
* denotes Canadian talent


  • Otis Redding -- Respect -- Live in Europe (vinyl)
  • The Vinaigrettes -- Let's Forget the Past -- Atta Boy Girl *
  • Fleet Foxes -- Ragged Wood -- Fleet Foxes
  • Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton -- The Lottery -- Knives Don't Have Your Back *
  • Joel Plaskett -- Happen Now -- La De Da * (vinyl)
  • The Sadies -- Anna Leigh -- New Season *
  • The New Amsterdams -- Hughes -- At the Foot of my Rival
  • Jenn Grant -- Where Are You Now -- Echoes *
  • Isaac Hayes -- Never Gonna Give You Up -- Black Moses (vinyl)
  • Elvis Costello & the Attractions -- The Comedians -- Goodbye Cruel World
  • Julie Doiron -- Spill Yer Lungs -- I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day *
  • Supersuckers -- Before They Make Me Run -- The Greatest Rock and Roll in the World
  • Bell Orchestre -- Stripes -- As Seen Through Windows *
  • Nathan Lawr -- Shaking Like a Rake -- Secret Carpentry *
  • Myles Deck and the Fuzz -- Boom! Boom! -- Police Cops *
  • Sun Kil Moon -- Exit Does Not Exist - Tiny Cities
  • The Jayhawks -- Poor Little Fish -- Sound of Lies
  • Dressy Bessy -- Just Being Me -- Sound Go Round
  • New York Dolls -- Personality Crisis -- New York Dolls
  • Tanya Donelly -- This Hungry Life -- This Hungry Life
  • Timber Timbre -- Lay Down in the Tall Grass -- Timber Timbre *
  • Shotgun Jimmie -- Province to Province -- Still Jimmie *
  • PJ Harvey -- Beautiful Feeling -- Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea
  • Eric's Trip -- Sloan Song -- bootleg vinyl *
  • The Bird & The Bee -- Diamond Dave -- Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future
  • The Riff Randells -- Heartbreaker -- The Riff Randells *
  • Jenny Lewis --       -- Acid Tongue
  • Malajube -- Casablance -- Labryinthes *
  • Neko Case -- Vengeance is Sleeping -- Middle Cyclone

Notes this week:
  • Oh Joel Plaskett - why can't your Massey Hall show be tomorrow???
  • Oooh I like me some new Jenn Grant...
  • Isaac Hayes....you dirty bastard...
  • Oh yes, the new Julie Doiron is as fuzzy and garagey as I had hoped.  Girl Crush!!!!
  • Myles Deck and the Fuzz - produced by Joel Plaskett
  • Bought this Sun Kil Moon record without knowing anything about it other than that it was a full cover record of Modest Mouse songs
  • Timber Timbre eh?  New....yummy...
  • Shotgun Jimmie = same band as Shotgun & Jaybird.  Prefer the latter name.
  • New Bird & The Bee = bouncy fun!
  • We can't even speak about this Neko Case record lest we be here all night.

happy fran day!

Happy Birthday to everyone's favourite Aussie Fran!! Hope you have a great day for a great lady! Fran is the current title holder of Tara's Friend Who is From the Farthest Away. It's a coveted title.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

hot bunny radio

So tomorrow night marks my return to the airwaves now that I'm all fully recovered from medical nonsense. I've been gone for about 7 weeks and I'm crazy pumped to get back into the game.  I'll be blogging and Twittering during my show tomorrow so be sure and tune in on the station's streaming page.  CKLU has finally started podcasting too so now you'll be able to catch up on any HBR show you may have missed!  I knew if I hung in long enough I wouldn't have to figure out how to do it myself!!  There's also a logo for HBR on its way that's only been in the works since June of last year so fingers crossed I'll actually email the designer to finish it one of these days!

Anyway, thanks for bearing with me - I know the kids like the playlist posting and have missed it!  See you at 6pm tomorrow!!


Apartment Therapy posted this image today from Jan Janne's Kitchenette project that "expands the idea into four separate kitchen modules for washing, drying, cutting and cooking respectively."  Now even though the clean modern look isn't my most favourite look, I can truly appreciate the image of a room with clean-lines and a clear purpose.  This, however, I hate.  I see this and all I can think of are the tiny bits of lettuce and onion peels that would forever be getting stuck in all those little wires and bends.  Plus I just hate the look of it.  Like you're living like this because your real kitchen is being remodelled.  I get that it's just a concept and was a graduation project but still - too modern for this lady.


Here are a few of my favourite PostSecrets of the week.

PostSecret received an email response to that secret stating "I'm a librarian and I've kept all the pressed flowers I've found in returned books over the years."

cricket cardigan

Love it, want it, will wear with everything....

heavy snow

Here's a little video from one of my most anticipated albums of the year so far - the new Julie Doiron record! And what's better than a new Julie solo record you say? One where she reunites with Eric's Trip bandmate Rick White that's what!! I'm crazy pumped about this record because as much as I love me some acoustic Julie and think it's just some of the prettiest stuff around, I la la LOVE me some fuzzy, feedbacky, dirty, garagey Julie even more. Please let the record be something I can sort of pretend is a new Eric's Trip record...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a woman a man walked by

I just read yesterday about PJ Harvey's new record with John Parish called A Woman A Man Walked By.  I'm clearly a couple of months behind on this but that doesn't make me any less intrigued.  Anyone heard it? Anyone liked it?

hate mail

One of the strange joys of blogging can be the occasional hate mail that inevitably shows up.  This afternoon over at Dooce I saw a brilliant post about just that.  Like most good bloggers, she's decided to not only laugh at her hate mail but to post it for us all to enjoy.  The post below made me laugh right out loud and I only wish my hate mail was so hilarious.  Enjoy...

"I would normally wait until I had enough hatemail to write a longer post, but the one I got this morning is just too good to keep to myself. From a reader who skipped class the day they talked about punctuation:

youre no one but a slut who loves to fuck her husband and get pregnant and talk about useless stuff so youre a free rider with nothing better to do in life and you dont work god you suck

I'm trying to wrap my head around this one, so bear with me... a slut who loves to fuck her husband? Is this a new brand of slut that I don't know about? The husband-fuckers? Women who love to go around screwing the men they're committed to? Because I thought those people were called wives.

This one also reminds me of a few uninteresting hatemails I got back when I announced my pregnancy from people who were all I TOLD YOU SO! CAN'T TAKE THE MORMON OUT OF THE GIRL! I guess because Mormons typically have large families, and my decision to have a second child proves that I'm trying to populate the entire world with my uterus. You know, they're right. Except I'm not having more than one kid to increase the ranks of my religion. In fact, the only reason I decided to have another child is so that should the need arise and my own stop working, I'll have a wider variety of kidneys to choose from. This is a Mormon teaching known as Emergency Preparedness."

Seriously I laughed forever with this one. Particularly the slut who F's her husband part.  

kiss me, i'm irish!

Happy St.Paddy's Day to all Irish and Irish-lovers out there. Thinking 'bout having a Guiness in honour of my Irish lady grandma....

Monday, March 16, 2009

weekend round-up

This weekend was pretty much spent waiting for it to be Saturday so Marc could take me out on our hot date. So Friday we didn't do a whole heck of a lot - so much so that I don't even remember what we did at all. We were babysitting my parents' dog all weekend though - the first lady of dog-love in my heart, my Mina. So we picked her up Friday and pretty much spent the night corralling Sadie so she wouldn't drive poor Mina too crazy. Mina is about 100 years old and therefore has no patience for an exuberant 7 month old puppy. God bless her old lady heart...

Saturday was Dogs=Awesome time and we were lucky enough to have some new faces come out! One of whom is an actual for-real photographer who managed to capture some really great shots of the dogs in action. These pictures make Sadie and her best rough-and-tumble boxer friend Soup look like they're fighting to the death but rest assured it looks worse than it is.  There's no place in the world Sadie has more fun that at this doggy gathering.  

That picture is classic Dogs=Awesome.  Poor Murray has no idea what's about to happen to him.  

Thanks to Debb Trahan-Pero for all the great pictures!!!!  Be sure and click through to her blog for more of her great pics!

Moved on from doggy playdate fun to boring errand running, blahbitty blah blah.  Then date night!!  Yay!!   As I've complained about to anyone who'll listen, Marc's been crazy busy playing with The Saltcoats, playing with his soon-to-be renamed girl band and scoring our friend Ben's new short film.  I've been living the life of a single lady lately.  To take advantage of a break in the schedule he took me out for a lovely dinner out at Bella Vita Cucina where we ate like kings and drank a truly great bottle of wine.  I love me a date night!!!

Sunday we slept off our bottle of wine and took the dogs out for a walk where we were found by just the sweetest stray dog.  She came with us on our walk and after about 2 hours of trying to find her home, she just came home with us while we tried to check in with the local animal shelter.  Thankfully she was micro-chipped so hopefully she's now made her way home to her family.    What a sweet doggy.  Once that was all over we were finally able to get dinner ready for my folks who were coming home.  Marc made a crazy delicious dinner of roast beef, roasted asparagus, blended sweet potatoes and new potatoes with roasted garlic and parmesan cheese and giant fluffy Yorkshire puddings with HOMEMADE CREME BRULEE FOR DESSERT!!!!  What???? Yeah you read that right.....I married that guy.  Thank the heavens...

Friday, March 13, 2009


This is for my friend Dan, since I didn't get him anything for his birthday but a sparkly fairy wand...

And let's say it's also for Steve. And Randy. And Mike S. Oh all my boys and their love of metal....

circus wallpaper

Saw this Catherine Martin wallpaper featured over at Apartment Therapy and I so love it for a wee one's room. It comes with a matching rug too - I would likely pick one or the other and not both together though. I love that it's such a fun kid-friendly pattern without being all "teddy bears on parade" about it. It's still grown up and great. And it also comes in red!!!

day of matt

In case you are not aware, today is the anniversary of the birth of Matt. We are all better people for it.

Let's all pause for a Matt appreciation moment..............

Happy Birthday to Matt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let the coolness reign continuous....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

for marc

This is for Marc who's been so busy with recording, scoring and rehearsing, it feels like we've hardly seen each other for weeks. I still like you a whole bunch. Like, more than everyone else combined.

the graduate

Sadie graduated from her Puppy School tonight!  Imma such a proud mama!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

kitchen nook idea

As Marc and I ponder our kitchen and what we'd eventually like to do with it, I stumble across this picture over at sfgirlbybay and my heart stops. Our plan is to elongate our kitchen and plop a dining area right at the end. I was originally thinking of a cozy bench-nook so I can drink coffee and lounge with my feet up. This picture makes me want to change my mind a little bit only because I have a big green and lushy backyard full of overhanging trees and flowerbeds. If we had a floor to ceiling window like that, we could walk in the front door and see all the way through the house to all that greeney goodness including the trellis we got married under. Not to mention we could eat all our meals in front of it and just love it in general. Hmmm.....

i want....

...a Hugo Guiness print for my ideally soon-to-be Royal Tenenbaum-ed out front entryway.

twinkle, twinkle

I'm also super bummed when I take my interior Christmas lights down but this picture has totally inspired me for next year. I'm so piling up an armload of twinkle lights underneath my entertainment cabinet! So pretty! Christmas aside, what great lighting for a little cocktail party even.
Image of Diana Fayt's house tour via sfgirlbybay

if only i didn't have neighbours...

Image of Atelier Tradewinds Cascade outdoor shower via Apartment Therapy.

movie roles that almost weren't

Stumbled across this while reading my Hollywood gossip rags and thought it was a fun read. Here's a list of movie roles and who they were originally booked for, 10 Career Changing Roles that Almost Weren't. Obviously, stuff like this happens all the time but it's fun when you see some that make you think "What???"

Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones - Apparently he turned it down cuz he was too busy with Magnum P.I. Smart move Tommy. But you did get to be on Friends right? That makes it all better. (I've posted a picture mainly because I don't know if I'll ever have a reason to post a Magnum pic ever again and I can't pass it up.)

Brokeback Mountain starring Mark Wahlberg and Joaquin Phoenix - This one is hard to picture, especially when you're trying to force Heath Ledger out of it. They turned it down because they were "creeped out" by the gay cowboy scenes. Well, Heath gayed himself right into an Oscar nod so maybe next time you shake it off. Let's pause for a Brokeback appreciation moment........sigh.

Pretty Woman starring Molly Ringwald - this could really have gone either way really. Of course this is the role that launched Julia Roberts and got her her first Oscar nod but Molly Ringwald could have easily brought legions of fans to the movie as well. Could have been interesting...

John Travolta as Forrest Gump - seriously this one is just funny. He does look like a simpleton to begin with so maybe it would have worked. He's since admitted that turning down that role was a mistake.

Ernest Borgnine as The Godfather - I can't wrap my head around this one at all. Especially since lately it seems all Ernest Borgnine does are silly dick and fart joke movies and bad television shows.

Anne Hathaway in Knocked Up - Again, she's not my favourite actress but smart, smart move on her part. She apparently turned it down because of the completely gratuitous va-jay-jay shots during the birth scene. Good on ya Anne - clearly you are smarter than you look. But then you went and made Bride Wars so.....the jury's still out on you. At least for me it is.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Titanic - said it wasn't her "cup of tea." Fair enough, I think she's done well enough for herself in the meantime. And if she'd taken the role, who knows how long it would have taken the world to discover Kate Winslet. Heavenly Creatures would have only taken her so far.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

want to make a skinny girl look fat?

Put her in a dress like this. Ewwww Rachel Bilson! Ewww.....

killer cakes

So with my birthday rapidly approaching in 55 days I thought a birthday cake post appropriate. Marc tried his hand at baking last year and made me a record player birthday cake complete with Knack record and it made my year!

I love my birthday and even though I'm getting older, I'm still unbelievably pleased by a great cake. Here are 31 amazing ideas for those of you who are cake-crafty (Lisa I'm talking about you). Best thing about this page? The great instructions and broken down construction list. Love it!! Maybe I'll try and make the pirate ship for Marc's birthday...

Thanks Design Mom!

e-dress sale

E-DressMe has some kick butt sales at the moment but the one that's catching my eye the most is this Orla Kiely sweater coat priced at $30!! Regular $240!! It's not my size but I feel that price is so ridiculous that somebody should really buy it. I feel like buying it anyway just because anything Orla priced like that is like a sighting of a rare bird.

Also loving this Anna Sui handkerchief dress regular price $469 on sale for $99!

Like....right now....buy it.......go!