Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So I promised I'd post some photos of Cobe, the Irish Wolfhound/German Shepherd mix dog that we puppy-sat and I'm finally doing it. Cobe was a big sweetheart and still looking for a good home in case anyone is interested. He's gigantic and wolfy and furry and adorable and even, as Jane likes to put it, wizardly.

This picture gives you a bit of an idea of how big he is.   At night, under the streetlights, he looked exactly like a wolf.

This is how we roll at our house.  All dogs allowed on the couch all the time...
This is what he did while I tended to the garden.  He's like a gargoyle...

by the hammer of thor!

This is a terrifying photo!!!  Not only is Courtney Love actually this skinny, but she had gastric bypass surgery to get this skinny!!!  That is just terrifying.  

And yet I can't look away.....

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hot Bunny Radio Playlist for Oct.2nd

CKLU 96.7 FM

6-8pm Thursdays
Click here for live streaming!

* denotes Canadian talent
italics denotes a new release

  • Curtis Mayfield -- Move On Up -- Best of Curtis Mayfield
  • Rock Plaza Central -- Our Pasts, Like Lighthouses -- Are We Not Horses *
  • The Two Minute Miracles -- Since We Were Married -- Volume IV: The Lions of Love *
  • The New Pornographers -- The End of Medicine -- Electric Version (vinyl) *
  • Plants & Animals -- Good Friend -- Parc Avenue *
  • Whiskeytown -- Jacksonville Skyline -- Pneumonia
  • Bonnie Raitt -- Everybody's Cryin' Mercy -- Takin' My Time (vinyl)
  • Fred Eaglesmith -- Tinderbox -- Tinderbox *
  • NQ Arbuckle -- Walls Are So Thin -- The Last Supper in a Cheap Town *
  • Jolie Holland -- Palmyra -- The Living & The Dead
  • Belle & Sebastien -- If She Wants Me -- Dear Catastrophe Waitress
  • Al Green -- I'm Still in Love With You -- I'm Still in Love With You (vinyl)
  • Danny Michel -- The Graduation Present (live) -- Fibsville *
  • My Morning Jacket -- Thank You Too! -- Highly Suspicious
  • Hospital Bombers -- Neighbourhood -- Footnotes
  • Fleet Foxes -- Tiger Mountain -- S/T
  • Fembots -- God Keep Our Hands Clean -- Calling Out *
  • Land of Talk -- The Man Who Breaks Things (Dark Shuffle) -- Some Are Lakes *
  • The Awkward Stage -- Anime Eyes -- Slimming Mirrors, Flattering Lights *
  • She & Him -- Sweet Darlin' -- Volume One
  • Nancy Sinatra -- Sorry 'Bout That -- How Does That Grab You? (vinyl)
  • Brendan Canning -- All The Best Wooden Toys Come From Germany -- Something For All of Us *
  • Sonic Youth -- Bull in the Heather -- Experimental, Jet Set, Trash & No Star
  • Women -- Lawncare -- S/T *
  • Peter, Bjorn & John -- Poor Cow -- Writer's Block

Notes for this week:

  • "Good Friend" dedicated to my friends and family who lost their dear friend last week. Good thoughts headed your way....
  • "Jacksonville Skyline" gives me goosebumps still. I played it for Kelly...
  • Dear Bonnie Raitt: Your early records make me want to cry they're so good...
  • Dear Fred Eaglesmith: It's nice to have you back after such a hard time...
  • Dear Jolie Holland: Your new record is great and makes me crush on you a wee bit...
  • Dear MMJ: So far we're 1 for 2 with your new record. I hope it continues...
  • Dear Fleet Foxes: You might be ousting Entire Cities out of their favourite new record

weekend round-up

Let's say my weekend started Thursday with drinks and visiting with some of my favourite people Kelly and Steve in town for the weekend. We laughed and chatted and I may have even accomplished a secret goal for the visit. Yay me!!

Friday Marc took me on a date to the movies and we ate popcorn and held hands. It was great.

Saturday, Marc's wee neice and nephew came over in the morning for their first guitar lesson with Uncle Marc. They came in with their tiny guitars and their tiny fingers and were rockstars for about half an hour. Very cute. Spent the rest of the afternoon poking around the farmer's market buying veggies for our contribution to the family dinner that took place later that day. It was great to see the family including my aunt and uncle who were making their last stop on their 52 day road trip across Canada and Alaska. While they had a once in a lifetime kind of trip, I've never seen 2 people more ready to go home in my whole life. I'd like to think Marc and I could survive 52 days in a car together...

Sunday was shopping with my parents where I behaved like a 10 year old. I believe I had my reasons and they lovingly let me have my tantrum. We then took them for crepes and waffles at Ti Amo to make up for it. Spent the rest of the day napping and vegging out hoping that Monday morning might never come. It totally did though.

Friday, October 3, 2008

ask and ye shall receive

Thanks to whoever left the bottle of lemon juice on my stoop last night. You are my lemon juice fairygodperson and my hummous thanks you.

and this is different from their everyday life how exactly?

So here's a funny story I stumbled across today.  Apparently today, Times Square is  currently the site for the Movie-Watching World Championship.  The deal is this -- the competitors will spend the next 5 days in the "arena" where they will watch movies continuously in the hopes of breaking the world record of 120 hours and 23 minutes.  They get a 10 minute break between movies and they are not allowed to sleep or shut their eyes or even avert them from the screen.  They can get up and walk around, stretch their non-existent muscles, as long as they keep looking at the screen.  Why do this?  For a $10,000 cash prize, a lifetime membership to Netflix and a Netflix Popcorn Bowl Trophy.

Need more incentive?  Saturday the competitors will get a visit from none other than Richard Simmons who will stretch them out good before they sit their lazy asses back on the sofas.

Really?  How 'bout you go out and try some kiss some girls instead?  Seriously, you're in Times Square.  There will be a lot of them around.  They're the ones with the boobies.  Off you go.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

welcome back pretty lady

On the opposite end of Heroes is the happy return of Pushing Daisies!  I love this show so much and am thrilled that it's back!  If not for the glorious sets and fun storylines, it's also worth watching solely for the envious wardrobe of "Chuck" played by the adorable Anna Friel.  Seriously I would dress like that every day if I had the money or knew how to pull it off.  The season premiere just illustrated that they've significantly upped the style factor for Chuck, not that it needed it at all really.  SO gorgeous.  The full skirts with belts and amazing dresses and hairpins.....it's too much!!!  This show is pure eye candy on every level.

five easy ways to save heroes

So during this week's episode of "Heroes" I actually, actually channel surfed away from it mid-scene to watch a segment of "Dancing With the Stars."  Seriously.  I hate that show.  And I chose to watch it instead of what was going on with the "Heroes" crew.  Seriously people, you gotta pick it up a notch to please prevent this from ever happening again.  I really want to love you again Heroes.  I really do.  But you're not making it easy at all.

For those of you that are feeling the same, check out this funny article on Five Easy Steps to Save Heroes.   It's funny cuz it's true.....