Friday, March 27, 2009

where the wild things are

I'm so excited to see the film version of Where the Wild Things Are, especially since seeing some of this stills! It looks gorgeous and I'm so happy they made sure that Max was wearing his furry suit complete with pointy ears! Directed by Spike Jonze and complete with music by Arcade Fire and a voice by Paul Dano? I really, really hope it's good - it's had a lot of disaster stories attached to it and it would such a shame if such a great story like this comes out ruined. When the trailer was released it seemed to calm folks down a bit and now it seems that the film has developed quite a legion of fans based on that alone. Some are calling it this generation's Neverending Story. I friggin hope so! Who knows? That poster is perfection though and these stills are over the top fantasy gorgeous to me.

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