Tuesday, March 31, 2009

canadian bees = awesome

I'm posting this for both my bee-keeping fascinated husband and my actual bee-keeping friend Jocelyne.  Saw this on the news blogs today and thought it was worth mentioning.  According to "the news." over 50,000 bees now call 3 hives on the 14th floor rooftop of Toronto's Fairmont Royal York Hotel home.   In addition to churning out food to be served in the hotel itself, these bees are hard at work sourcing out nectar over a 5-6 kilometre radius from the hotel.  These bees are so hip, they're not only trying to keep the Royal York hip, they're also pollinating thousands of plants in the downtown core plus the Toronto islands, the Don Valley watershed and all the city parks.  The hives are there as part of the hotel's current decade old flourishing herb garden which is maintained by the hotel's chefs.

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