Wednesday, March 18, 2009

hot bunny radio

So tomorrow night marks my return to the airwaves now that I'm all fully recovered from medical nonsense. I've been gone for about 7 weeks and I'm crazy pumped to get back into the game.  I'll be blogging and Twittering during my show tomorrow so be sure and tune in on the station's streaming page.  CKLU has finally started podcasting too so now you'll be able to catch up on any HBR show you may have missed!  I knew if I hung in long enough I wouldn't have to figure out how to do it myself!!  There's also a logo for HBR on its way that's only been in the works since June of last year so fingers crossed I'll actually email the designer to finish it one of these days!

Anyway, thanks for bearing with me - I know the kids like the playlist posting and have missed it!  See you at 6pm tomorrow!!


kelly said...

Hooray! How I've missed HBR playlists. You know how much I rely on you to keep me somewhat hip.

Anonymous said...

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