Tuesday, March 31, 2009

weekend round-up

This weekend was essentially all-Ottawa all the time and it was glorious.  Glorious and exhausting sure, but definitely more exhausting.

Friday - blah.  We spent the night packing and prepping for Ottawa.  Not worth mentioning.

Saturday = Ottawa!!!  Youpee!!!!  Dropped Sadie off with my folks and hit the road to our nation's capital for a whirlwind visit with my cousin Kaili and LB.  They're about ready to pop with their first wee bebe so we had to squeeze in a good times party visit before it was too late!  So we landed in Ottawa with just enough time to squeeze in a "must happen" trip to Kiehl's, wolfed down a giant crazy delicious dinner in Chinatown and off the see the Constantines and the Weakerthans then to a pub for late night drinks.  Kudos to Kaili for being the best trooper out there putting up with all our silly shenanigans when all she wanted to do was sleep and rub her achy pregnant back.

Sunday Kaili and LB showed us around their new neighbourhood and we hit the Candy Store and the Bagel Shop to load up on supplies to keep us going back up North.  Hit up Murray Street Cafe for an amazing brunch - seriously the best bacon I've ever had.  I will have dreams about that bacon.  For realsies.  It kept me going for the long and boring and rainy drive home all the way back to the great white north.  

Honestly it was great to get out of the city for SO many reasons but it was even better when it can be a visit with family that fixes it all.  Sigh....now I feel like I need 100 naps to make up for it all.  Obviously since it's taken me until Tuesday to write my weekend round-up.....

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