Wednesday, March 11, 2009

movie roles that almost weren't

Stumbled across this while reading my Hollywood gossip rags and thought it was a fun read. Here's a list of movie roles and who they were originally booked for, 10 Career Changing Roles that Almost Weren't. Obviously, stuff like this happens all the time but it's fun when you see some that make you think "What???"

Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones - Apparently he turned it down cuz he was too busy with Magnum P.I. Smart move Tommy. But you did get to be on Friends right? That makes it all better. (I've posted a picture mainly because I don't know if I'll ever have a reason to post a Magnum pic ever again and I can't pass it up.)

Brokeback Mountain starring Mark Wahlberg and Joaquin Phoenix - This one is hard to picture, especially when you're trying to force Heath Ledger out of it. They turned it down because they were "creeped out" by the gay cowboy scenes. Well, Heath gayed himself right into an Oscar nod so maybe next time you shake it off. Let's pause for a Brokeback appreciation moment........sigh.

Pretty Woman starring Molly Ringwald - this could really have gone either way really. Of course this is the role that launched Julia Roberts and got her her first Oscar nod but Molly Ringwald could have easily brought legions of fans to the movie as well. Could have been interesting...

John Travolta as Forrest Gump - seriously this one is just funny. He does look like a simpleton to begin with so maybe it would have worked. He's since admitted that turning down that role was a mistake.

Ernest Borgnine as The Godfather - I can't wrap my head around this one at all. Especially since lately it seems all Ernest Borgnine does are silly dick and fart joke movies and bad television shows.

Anne Hathaway in Knocked Up - Again, she's not my favourite actress but smart, smart move on her part. She apparently turned it down because of the completely gratuitous va-jay-jay shots during the birth scene. Good on ya Anne - clearly you are smarter than you look. But then you went and made Bride Wars so.....the jury's still out on you. At least for me it is.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Titanic - said it wasn't her "cup of tea." Fair enough, I think she's done well enough for herself in the meantime. And if she'd taken the role, who knows how long it would have taken the world to discover Kate Winslet. Heavenly Creatures would have only taken her so far.

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