Monday, March 23, 2009

the grasshopper

So this weekend at the birthday festivities I ordered and drank 2 Grasshoppers.  I've never had one before and saw it on the menu and had to have it.  When I was really little, my family used to go to this diner for dinner and it had those paper placemats that they would replace after every patron.  This particular restaurant's paper placemats had about 20 pictures of different cocktails on it and for some reason, the grasshopper cocktail was always my favourite one to look at and imagine drinking as a grown up.  It was likely the prettiest one on the page and the one that would most appeal to the mind of a 9 year old.  So I saw it on the menu and that was that.  I must say, it's been around for so long for a very good reason.  Cuz it's delicious!!!!!  Like ca-razy delicious!!  I wouldn't want to drink them for an entire night but a couple of these minty fresh darlings - well that's just like a great big boozy milkshake for grown-ups.

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