Monday, March 23, 2009

weekend round-up

We actually had, you know, real weekendy stuff on our plates this weekend as opposed to just lolling around which seems to be all we've been doing these last few. Not that lolling around is bad - it's totally great actually. Just not something you want to spend every single weekend doing. Friday night we whooped it up and went out for sushi dinner after walking Sadie. It was glorious and we ate unagi. Relatively quiet night after that - home to love up the puppy and watched Choke on pay-per-view. I'm not even really going to talk about the movie because it was that forgettable. Couple funny parts, sure, but really - blah.

Saturday we had a lovely leisurely morning until it was time to go to our Dogs=Awesome puppy playgroup. Only downside? The craptacular weather!! Seriously, by the end of the week I actually thought the end was near - I walked to work in cute summer flats for the very first time and it was warm and glorious. Wake up Saturday to a fresh blanket of stupid snow. AND it was windy and awful. I tell ya, those dogs are lucky we love them cuz standing in that field watching them play was significantly less cute than it normally is.

Post Dogs=Awesome we ran a million errands - I'm finishing up my Baby Gift 2009 for Kaili's future wee one and had some loose ends to tie up. I gotta say, I'm super pumped with Baby Gift 2009. I've pulled together some pretty freaking cool things. The only thing that might be wrong with it could be that it's all stuff that I like which maybe isn't the best way to shop for someone else's baby? Who knows......but it's awesome!! We're headed down to our nation's capital on Saturday to see them one last time before the bebe comes and I can't friggin wait!! We're going to eat food and see bands and shop for cute things and buy bagels and new Kiehl's. I want to be leaving tomorrow!!

Post errand running we stopped home long enough to hang with Sadie, whip up a yummy pasta dinner with my secret-recipe garlic bread and head out again for Marc's cousin Kristina's birthday celebration at the Laughing Buddha. Even though there was karaoke, my least favourite thing in the whole world, the night was still pretty fun and Kristina seemed to be having a kick-butt time which is all that matters. We stayed for a few cocktails and made it home in time to catch the last bit of Julian Schnabel's Berlin - his film of Lou Reed's 2006 live concert performance of his 1973 concept album "Berlin", filmed over five nights at St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn, New York. It was pretty cool. We saw Lou talk a lot about this a lot during his keynote speech at SXSW last year so it was great to finally see the film.

Sunday finally brought some lolling. And I will say the lolling was actually created by Sadie who apparently was in the mood to be a giant fat lazy lolling puppy pretty much all day. Surprising how hard it is to get motivated when your usually exuberant dog is all lazy and cute and cuddly and not interested in moving anywhere except to another napping spot. We managed to do some chores around her and we capture her interest when we said "wanna go to gramma's???" That perked her up and we headed down there for dinner and the pilfering of mom's stuff which can often happen when you visit your folks. I managed to score this antique needlepoint of deer in a forest that my great grandmother did. We're likely going to reframe it, clean it up and add it to our collection of wacky prints that are on their way to being hung in our entryway. Made it home in time for the season finale of Big Love that was super excellent. Did anyone else watch it????? Did that really happen????? Now what happens???? I can't believe I have to wait until next season!!! Eeeeeeep!!!

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