Wednesday, March 25, 2009

granola goodness

Grocery shopping the other night and I stumble across these bad boys in the health food section - Praeventia granola bars.  I buy them because the flavours look crazy delicious and they're full of super foods but mainly because they're 2 boxes for $5.00.  In the world of granola bars, that's a decent sale.  And if I do know the price of something in the grocery store, it's granola bars.  Anyway, had my first one today and it just may be my new favourite thing.  Considering how healthy they are, they're about 5 times more flavourful than I thought they were.  Flavours are Cranberry & Pomegrante with Red Wine Extract and Almond & Apple with Green Tea Extract.   They're only 100 calories and they have inulin in them which is a type of prebiotic and a gal with tummy troubles like me takes her prebiotics wherever she can find them.  Sweetened with agave nectar means they don't have any secret nasty sugar sweetening them up and they're whole grains. One package contains 40% of your daily prebiotics, 6% of your daily iron, 16% of your daily dietary fibre and 6 to 7 grams of whole grain!  Not to mention they're dipped in 70% cocoa dark chocolate! All I know is that they're mega yummy and that my current granola bar brand does not offer me Red Wine Extract.  Any excuse to bring booze into the workplace!!

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