Sunday, May 3, 2009

weekend round-up

This was a weekend of debauchery really. Debauchery and silliness. Started Friday night with a dual birthday party celebration for me and my friend Richard. Combining b-day parties will ALWAYS end in debauchery I say. The night started innocently enough with drinks at The Laughing Buddha, moved to the Townehouse where we kicked it up a notch and ended at 4am with a penis magazine, more drinks and the stuffing of my friends in cabs. I don't even really know how we went from A to B but there you have it. It was a great early birthday party despite the teenagery behaviour that made for a beyond painful Saturday.

We started the pain with a 10am wake-up call to try and get Hillside Festival tickets. We failed thanks to 3 system crashes by lame Ticketpro, 3 separate messages from the phone operators who told us everything from they were totally sold out to they weren't sold out and to try again later to the whole system is F-ed. This will be the first time in like 7 years we haven't been able to get tickets so I'm now on a mission to find some elsewhere or else I think I might cry.

Pouted my way to our Dogs = Awesome party and then onwards to my grandfather's 95th birthday party where I drowned my Hillside sorrows and my giant hangover in mountains and mountains of food.

Sunday we spent the day at the Moose Lodge fundraising for the brand new River and Sky Music Festival. Marc played with the Saltcoats and The Joliettes and there were a pile of other bands, BBQ, cupcakes, kids colouring and dancing and just generally a great way to spend a Sunday -- it was awesome! Keep your eyes open for more news from River and Sky!!

{photos by Debb Trahan-Pero}

Headed to a friend's place for more BBQ and since they have a dog we stopped and picked up Sadie along the way. Joined by a Dogs = Awesome friend Pico, Sadie spent basically hours playing in the mud, laying in the mud, rolling in the mud, wrestling in the mud and basically becoming the dirtiest dog ever. She even had this crust of dried mud on her nose. It took both Marc and I about 35 minutes in the tub to get her clean and the whole bathroom looked like a muddy hurricane came through it when we were done. I suspect she was laughing in her head the whole time...

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