Monday, May 18, 2009

long weekend round-up

Sweet, sweet Victoria Day long weekend here in the Great White North and that means that today I got to tell Monday morning to go suck an egg and sleep, sleep, sleep!!!  Here's how I spent the rest of the weekend:

Friday Marc treated me a nice dinner out on the town at Respect is Burning where we got to sit uncomfortably close to a couple having a relationship-ending argument.  We're talking F-bombs being dropped, other girls' names being thrown out and all around dinner awkwardness for Marc and I seeing as how we were only separated from them by a bamboo screen.  Yikes!!

Saturday had us out bright and early looking at paint samples -- the plan is to paint the room off our bedroom in the next couple of weeks and as per usual, I'm a bit at a loss for colours.  It's a big enough room with windows on 3 walls so it could pull off pretty much any colour but it is attached to our master so it's also got to go with that colour.  Hmmm....

Home after a morning in the rain and then out again to join Dennis for a viewing of Angels & Demons.  Strange pick, I know but Saturday was the apex of the cold I've been fighting and really the only movie choice in that situation is a likely terrible big Hollywood blockbuster.  Of course, the movie blew but it was pretty great to essentially revisit our honeymoon - aside from the obvious touristy stuff we say the movie also showed the cafe where we ate midnight tiramisu across from the Pantheon and the restaurant in the Piazza Navona where we had our first meal in Rome.  Swoon......

Marc headed to Barrie Saturday afternoon for a show with the Saltcoats -- they played a house concert that turned out to be surprise wedding!!!!!  With Marc out of town and me feeling less than stellar I think it's pretty obvious what I did with the rest of my night.  I put jammies on, ate chips and watched movies.  Stupidly I chose The Strangers as my movie of choice.  Me, sick and home alone, chooses a movie where a couple, alone in the bush, are terrorized by 3 people simply because they were home.  Scared the crap out of me!!!!!  Terrible idea.  I tried to make Sadie sleep on Marc's side of the bed but she would have none of it.

Sunday morning I took Sadie to the park to play with her new basketball (she found it on our walk on Saturday and insisted on carrying it in her mouth for the entire rest of the walk - pretty adorable) and hung about the house trying to shake the remainder of the cold.  Thankfully my standard vitamin cocktail has been doing it's job and I can feel myself moving through multiple cold phases throughout the course of a day instead of spending a day on each one.  Blech.  

Marc came home around supper time and was feeling pretty wiped so we spent the night in the best way possible - bathed, popcorned, and season 1 of Rescue Me on the laptop in bed.  Pretty darn near perfect Sunday.

Monday brought a sunny dog party and {shudder} house and yard cleaning.  Thankfully we had BBQ'ed burgers and homemade onion rings (baked super crispy in the oven of course because bathing suit season approaches) to help cushion the blow.  

Now comes the time in a long weekend when you dread the coming of the morning.  Oh Victoria Day, we did have some good times though!


richat said...

Rescue Me! Woohoo!

Dennis said...

Oven onion ring recipe please!

Tara said...

It was pretty simple actually - shake in flour, dip in egg/cornstarch/milk concoction, shake them up in Panko crumbs and whatever spice you want (I used italian seasoning) and bake at 400 for like 20 minutes (be sure and flip) or until they're crispy like you like. Don't skimp on the egg coating though if you want the panko crumbs to super stick on although even the rings that came out less coated in crumbs were pretty F-ing tasty.