Tuesday, May 5, 2009

hello lovely...

So Marc totally won the Best Birthday Gift 2009 challenge this year.  He 100% surprised me with a new MacBook of my very own.  We've had a MacBook Pro for the last few years which Marc has used for all of his recording stuff.  Obviously, my tons of pictures and almost 10,000 iTunes songs being on that same computer is really not the best set-up.  Not to mention he always has me looking over his shoulder sighing and saying stuff like "How much longer are you going to be on the computer???  I've got blogging to do!!"  This is the solution to all of our problems.  Of course, it goes without saying that it's super shiny and new and has all the fancy new software and weighs next to nothing.  Now I get to shop for a great laptop sleeve and a super cute bag to tote it around in!  

 I'm in love!!!!!  With both Marc AND my new laptop!!

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Jane Flanagan said...

Yay!! A perfect present!