Wednesday, May 20, 2009

summer movies

So here are the summer movies that I'm likely the most excited about. Cuz I'm sure you all were wondering...

Away We Go. This movie WILL make me cry, I can see it already. Stellar cast, good director, my boyfriend John Krasinki....yup that's a perfect formula.

Paper Heart.  I think I love this movie already even though I'm growing weary of the standard Michael Cera character.  Seriously dude, stop it now before it's too late.

500 Days of Summer.  The opening scene of this trailer is really all I need to fall in love.

Public Enemies.  Generally I have a rule about trailers.  I don't watch them for movies I'm really really excited about.  I want every second of material to be new and fresh.  For this movie, I made an exception.  It's 2 minutes and 30 seconds of some of the best eye candy a gal can get her hands on.

Adam.  A quirky love story.  Perfect for the summer.

And yes I'm aware the new Harry Potter is not on this list. That is because I am absolutely not watching the trailer for that. Not one frame until the theatre....

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