Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hot Bunny Radio Playlist for May 7th

* denotes Canadian talent
italics denotes a new release

  • The Flaming Lips -- Flight Test --Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
  • Bell Orchestre -- Water/Lights/Shifts -- As Seen Through Windows *
  • The Salteens -- Let Go of Your Bad Days -- Let Go of Your Bad Days *
  • The Jayhawks -- Save it for a Rainy Day -- Rainy Day Music
  • The Damned -- Don't Cry Wolf -- Damned, Damned, Damned (VINYL)
  • Dog Day -- Saturday Night -- Concentration *
  • Apples in Stereo -- That's Something I Do -- Velocity of Sound
  • Royal City -- Bad Luck -- Alone at the Microphone *
  • Baxter Dury -- Beneath the Underdog -- Len Parrot's Memorial Lift
  • Fred Eaglesmith -- Soft on my Shoulder -- Falling Stars & Broken Hearts *
  • Spoon -- Well-Alright -- Dark Was The Night 
  • Generation X -- One Hundred Punks -- Generation X (VINYL)
  • The (International) Noise Conspiracy -- Bigger Cages, Longer Chains -- Bigger Cages, Longer Chains
  • The Two-Minute Miracles -- Warm Air vs. Cold -- Volume III: The Silence of Animals *
  • Jon Langford & his Sadies -- American Pageant -- Mayors of the Moon
  • Kimberley Rew -- Seven Stars -- Great Central Revisited
  • Neil Young -- Just Singing a Song -- Fork in the Road *
  • Willie Nelson -- I'm Still Here -- Crazy: The Demo Sessions
  • Old Reliable -- Tight Knit Seams -- Pulse of Light Dark Landscape *
  • Melissa McClelland -- I Blame You -- Victoria Day *
  • The Raveonettes -- The Love Gang -- Chain Gang of Love *
  • Metric -- Dead Disco -- Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? *
  • Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros -- Arms Aloft -- Streetcore
  • Ryan Adams -- Cry on Demand -- Demolition (VINYL)
  • The Minus 5 -- Where Will You Go -- Down With Wilco
  • Sick Boys -- You and Me and Them -- From There to Here *
  • Constantines -- Scoundrel Babes -- Shine A Light *
  • The Von Bondies -- She's Dead To Me -- Love, Hate & Then There's You
  • Billy & The Lost Boys -- Hastings & Main -- Breaking Down the Barries That Break Down Your Music *
  • The Stills -- Changes Are No Good -- Logic Will Break Your Heart *
  • The Breeders -- Too Alive -- Title TK
  • Jason Collett -- Tiny Oceans of Tears -- Motor Motel Love Songs *
  • Nathan Lawr & The Minotaurs -- Righteous Heart -- A Sea of Tiny Lights (VINYL) *
Notes this week:
  • I so love this Flaming Lips record;
  • I miss that Salteens record, why don't I listen to it more????
  • That Apples in Stereo song makes me crazy with glee, I love it so and it's always the one I pick to play;
  • What's better than the Damned on vinyl???  Stolen Damned on vinyl!!!  Thanks Richard;
  • If you have the means, look up the video for that Royal City song.  It's adorable.  Stop-motion animation teddy bears in love, torn apart by fate;
  • Dark Was The Night is one of the best purchases I've made in a long while - talk about a killer compilation record!  And it's for charity!
  • Really, 100 Punks DO rule!!!!
  • Gotta love unreleased Willie, sans strings and orchestras and other silliness;
  • Old Reliable, man you wrote a catchy song with that one;
  • I so heart that Melissa McClelland song;
  • As good as Metric has been this whole time, remember the first time you heard their first record?  I think it changed my view of Canadian music and it's ability to join the ranks of great "techno" producers;
  • Dear Ryan Adams: Thank you for writing that song and allowing me to spend 4 minutes and 22 seconds in total heartbreak;
  • Dan and the Urse!!  Thanks for the sweet red Nathan Lawr vinyl!!!!!!


richat said...

Hey, so it was The Damned on that freaky yellow vinyl was it? I'm happy to provide LOANED vinyl :-)

Have you listened to "Naked Willie"? I think it was his harmonica player who oversaw the remastering and mixing to take out more of that fifties Nashville strings, and backing singers. It's kinda cool.

tara said...

Seriously the more I look at this playlist the more I think this was one of my favourite shows in a long time. It really had it all - at least for me.