Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hot Bunny Radio Playlist for May 28th: More Maow

CKLU 96.7 FM
* denotes Canadian talent
italics denotes a new release

Tonight we felt like buckets of Maow.  So buckets of Maow is what we got.


  • Maow -- Wank -- The Unforgiving Sounds of   
  • Malajube -- Porte Disparu -- Labryinthes *
  • Winter Gloves -- Let Me Drive -- About A Girl *
  • Maow -- Mean Mean Mean -- The Unforgiving Sounds of 
  • Patsy Cline -- She's Got You -- The Patsy Cline Story (VINYL)
  • The Super Friendz -- Up and Running -- Slide Show *
  • White Cowbell Oklahoma -- Keys to the Universe -- Bombadero *
  • Joel Plaskett -- Spinning For You -- web track *
  • Scarlett Johannsson & Pete Yorn -- Break Up -- web single
  • Maow -- Sucker -- The Unforgiving Sounds of 
  • The Handsome Family -- Little Sparrows -- Honey Moon
  • Jolie Holland -- Stubborn Beast -- Springtime Can Kill You
  • Stevie Wonder -- Boogie On Reggae Woman -- Fulfillingness First Finale (VINYL)
  • Maow -- Ms.Lefevre -- The Unforgiving Sounds of 
  • The Sunparlour Players -- Joy in What You Lack -- Wave North *
  • Gillian Welch -- Elvis Presley Blues -- Time (Revelator)
  • Hoodoo Gurus -- Waking Up Tired -- In Blue Cave
  • Jackson 5 -- The Love You Save -- The Ultimate Collection
  • Iron and Wine -- Dearest Forsaken -- Around the Well
  • Placebo 4 -- Olive and Onion Oil -- Live From the Great Western Ballroom •
  • Hayden -- Hardly -- Live from the Great Western Ballroom *
  • Stereo -- Birds in the Magic Industry -- Stereo
  • Maow -- Very Missionary -- The Unforgiving Sounds of
  • The Smalls -- True Narcissist -- S/T*
  • Maow -- Mommie's Drunk -- The Unforgiving Sounds of
  • Paul Weller -- The Changingman -- Stanley Road
  • The Fratellis -- Whistle for the Choir -- Costello Music
  • Wilco -- Blasting Fonda -- Feeling Minnesota OSR
  • Maow -- Showpie -- The Unforgiving Sounds of
  • Beach Boys -- Good Vibrations -  (VINYL 45)
  • Maow -- J'ai Fain - The Unforgiving Sounds of
  • Maow -- Man What's Got A Gun -- The Unforgiving Sounds of
  • Maow -- How Does that Grab You Darlin -- The Unforgiving Sounds of
  • Maow -- Party Tonite! -- Unforgiving Sounds of
  • Maow -- Cat's Meow -- Unforgiving Sounds of

  • Seriously me;
  • The Joel Plaskett song is his "secret" web track - he gave the password from the stage but if you think about it for 2 seconds you'll figure it out;
  • Sunparlour boys are playing the Townehouse on Friday!!
  • I'm so happy I went with the all Maow all the time theme!!!!!!!!!
  • I LOVE MAOW!!!!!
  • Before you ask, I know the new Hayden is out -- am waiting for it on vinyl so sit tight;
  • Fratelli's song = sway sway sway sway sway sway;
  • Beach Boys - complete champion in tonight's 45 Death Match.  Don't worry about Elvis Presley - I hear he did some other good stuff;
  • The Maow cover of How Does That Grab You is one of my fave covers ever;


kaili said...

I love Maow too -I can't believe how much you played, podcast here I come...

Remember when Mint records used to make life complete? that was the best...

Anonymous said...

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