Wednesday, April 8, 2009

weekend round-up

Seriously, it's Wednesday and I'm writing my weekend round-up???  Yup - it's been one of those weeks.

Friday seems to be our day to decompress lately so we kinda went with that theme again this Friday.

Saturday was a day of errand running x 1000 it seemed.  Like one of those errand trips that feel like you have to go everywhere and then you do, in fact, go everywhere.  Home in time for dinner and out again to the Violet Archers show at Cosmic Dave's Vinyl Emporium.  My first in-store concert at our new vinyl place and I gotta say, it's my new fave place to see shows.  It's small and therefore free of that drunk guy that's either 1) blocking my whole view of the show and passing gas the entire time or 2) playing foozball with a fever that would rival the gods themselves.  It was glorious.  We brought a great bottle of wine, I drank 3/4 of it cuz that's apparently what I do now.  I also have to say how much better the Violet Archers are live than on their disc.  Even better than the headliner, at least for me, was my great discovery of Great Aunt Ida.  Love it, love it, love it.  A squeaky voiced girl singer = Tara's favourite thing.  I am now on a mission to devour anything she's ever done.  Post show, we opted for a "quick cocktail" as we were all pumped about being home at a respectable hour (the show was early).  Yah......we got home at like 2am or something stupid like that.  I am blaming our friends who I'm also saying kidnapped us and paid for our drinks.

Sunday we had a haircut with Paula and her new shiny baby Beth who is the most well-behaved infant I've ever been around.  2 solid hours of visiting and not one peep of discontentment.  She made my uterus hurt and then some.  Home in time for lunch and out to a rally in the perfect sunshine to save our local CBC Radio outlet from going more or less to craptown.  It was great fun and had none of that negative "let's protest cuz look how mad we are" vibe that those kinds of things often have.  Who knows what will happen but it was inspiring to be around such a diverse group of people.  Cuz, after all, a geographical area bigger than France surely doesn't need radio created specifically for it's own needs right?  I'm sure the folks up in James Bay really give a crap about the road conditions on the 401.....

Post-rally, home to Marc's genius last minute supper of tagliatelle with a homemade vodka cream sauce.  Pretty damn good considering we were minutes away from a dinner of PB&J sammiches.  

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