Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So last night I took a felting workshop.  I know, I should give you all a minute to recover from the shock of that statement.  Yes.  I did something crafty.  On purpose.  And I must say -- it was really, really super fun and I'm likely going to do more of it. It's easy, imperfect and takes really no skill at all.  Like a monkey could do this.  Likely why I liked it so much. Offered at a great little shop downtown called Mimi & Lulu's, I couldn't resist the adorable little project they were advertising.  Now this picture is NOT what I made - my skills are about 72 miles from that.  But I did make something adorable and intend to give it to my soon-to-be new family member Milo.  I also intend to keep it a surprise for them but I will post a picture once Milo has been properly gifted.  

I just wanted to admit that my name is Tara.  I did something crafty.  And I loved it.

Felted giraffe courtesy of Birds and the Bees.


Jane Flanagan said...

Yay you! Can we see a pic of what you did make before you part with it?

tara said...

I'm going to take a pic and post it after I know my cousin has opened it -- she reads this blog so there shall be no craft seeing before it's time.