Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hot Bunny Radio April 30

CKLU 96.7Fm
 * denotes Canadian talent
italics denotes a new release

  • Bon Iver -- Re:Stacks -- For Emma, Forever Ago (VINYL)
  • Willie Nelson --I Couldn't Believe It Was True    -- Red Headed Stranger
  • Mike O'Neill -- They All Like Him -- What Happens Now? *
  • Neko Case -- Furnace Room Lullaby -- Live From Austin, TX
  • Jenny Whitely -- Dance Till Dawn -- Jenny Whitely *
  • Caribou -- She's The One -- Andorra
  • The Specials -- Too Much Too Young -- Too Much Too Young
  • Pixies -- Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons -- Trompe le Monde
  • The Monks -- I Ain't Getting Any -- Bad Habits (VINYL)
  • Juliana Hatfield -- OK OK -- Only Everything
  • Romi Mayes -- Somethin Goin On -- Achin in yer Bones *
  • Paul Simon -- The Coast -- Rhythm of the Saints
  • Dan Auerbach -- Trouble Weighs A Ton -- Keep It Hid
  • Martina Sorbara -- All in Good Time -- The Cure For Bad Deeds *
  • Julie Doiron -- I Woke Myself Up -- Woke Myself Up *
  • John Doe & The Sadies -- I Still Miss Someone -- Country Club (VINYL) *
  • Kate Maki -- Defend the End -- The Sun Will Find Us *
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs -- Runaway -- It's Blitz!
  • Martha Wainwright -- Tower of Song -- I'm Your Man *
  • The Riff Randells -- C'Mon -- Riff Randells *
  • Frank Black & the Catholics -- The Swimmer -- Dog in the Sand
  • The New Pornographers -- Streets of Fire -- Twin Cinema *
  • Constantines & Feist -- Islands in the Stream -- 7 inch *
  • United Steel Workers of Montreal - Three Hard Knocks -- Three on the Tree *
  • David Bowie -- Fill Your Heart -- Hunky Dory
  • Lou Reed -- Last Great American Whale -- New York
  • Amy Millan -- Pour Me Up Another -- Honey From the Tombs *
  • The Dandy Warhols -- Mohammed -- Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia
  • White Cowbell Oklahoma -- This Cracker -- Bombardero *
  • The Weakerthans -- Aside -- Left and Leaving *
  • The Clash -- Police and Thieves -- The Clash

Notes this week:
  • I'm so happy I got the Bon Iver record on vinyl.  All warm and fuzzy like...
  • My Monks vinyl might be one of my favourite to look at -- it's been so loved;
  • I have such a soft spot for the Romi Mayes...
  • Everytime I listen to R.O.T.S it's my favourite record for the following 3 days;
  • The Dan Auerbach should be immediately purchased by all who have not already;
  • Some older Martina Sorbara before she got all Dragonette bad-ass trampy;
  • Yes I realize they played that Yeah Yeah Yeahs song on Gossip Girl -- that doesn't make it any less of a great song;
  • Dear Riff Randells -- what ever happened to you guys?  You were so cute and fun;
  • Picked up that Cons/Feist 7 inch on Record Store Day - pretty happy I did;
  • The Clash = Happy Birthday Richard!!!

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