Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I saw this on a folk music mailing group I belong to at work and thought it was funny and worth sharing given that I married me a banjo player.
" Please note the "folk" results of the Juno Awards. Jayme Stone in the World Music category and Old Man Luedecke in the solo Folk Routes category both armed with banjos winning 2\3 of the available Juno awards for folk music should be taken as a harbinger of things to come and as advice for guitar players to switch. The banjo being the finest instrument on earth is something that a minority of the folk community has recognized for generations and its only now that the rest of society, as illustrated by the Juno results, is catching on to this obvious truth. Banjo players are the best cooks, the best community leaders and are the worlds best lovers. Its that syncopated finger movement that really counts whether frying a pork chop, giving a politician the finger or exciting a lover.

Linus talking to Charlie Brown of Peanuts fame put it quite succinctly when he said
"The way I see it, as soon as a baby is born, he should be issued a banjo."

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