Tuesday, June 10, 2008

weekend round-up

So this post is late, I know. What can I say? Marc came home after a week away and I got distracted! Nevertheless, I'm here now and that's all that matters. Friday night was just that -- me waiting for Marc to come home. Then he showed me all his Harry Rosen loot and I started my mental clothes tally for when we're in NYC. It's only fair I should be allowed to spend as much I say.

Saturday was an early start to get Bailey to the groomer for his annual summer shearing. He's now all skinny and 80 year old puppy-like and adorable and feels a million times cooler. Maybe now he won't keep me up all night panting. We took him for his first swim of the year too so currently, Bailey is the happiest dog in existence. Here's a photo. Yay cuteness!

Post groomer, we headed downtown -- our city had its 125th birthday and the band Marc started playing with recently, Will Gillespie and the Saltcoats, were a last minute addition to the bill. Always nice to spend some time outside with friends and heck, even Bailey came along for the show.

Sunday was your typical rainy Sunday so I laid about and read my book, did some chores and complained about the heat. Note to self: install air conditioners this week FOR SURE.

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