Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kaili day!!

Happy Birthday to my lovely, lovely cousin Kaili!!!! This is my most favourite picture of the two of us taken at our old family camp in the best chair that ever existed (love the dark denim -- so ahead of my time). Happy Kaili day to the best Kaili there is -- you're my favourite family (shhhh, don't tell anyone), sassy as all get out, hella fun, mega smart and all round one of the best people out there. If we're weren't related and you were a dude, I would totally date you.

I hope you have the day you deserve!!! Wish I could be in the big city to celebrate with you!! Anyone would count themselves lucky to have family like you -- lord knows I do.

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kaili said...

Thanks Tara- you RAWK! I love that picture - so glad that you've scanned it so that we can have it electronically.