Wednesday, June 11, 2008

nxne bound

So I'm going away again so apolgies up front for a lack of blogging. This time, it's NXNE in Toronto so that means 4 packed days of music, meetings and drinks in the sweltering, sweltering Toronto humidity. I'm not bringing my computer with me like I did for SXSW so alas there will be no daily blogging. I'll still take fun pictures though but NXNE is shaping up to be buckets less fun than SXSW was -- don't expect too much. I'm also more than a little bit jaded when it comes to Toronto and it can sometimes be hard for me to have fun the whole time I'm there but I will try. Highlights look to be a Teenage Head concert in Dundas Square, the lovely Cindy Doire and her showcase, Julie Doiron at the Horseshoe, the Paper Bag Records showcase, and a super fun reunion dinner of all the Toronto folk that came up for our conference in May -- the level of excitement expressed by all for this dinner is very reminiscent of seeing all your friends from summer camp again. Considering we're all grown ups, it's a bit strange. Great....but strange.

See you Monday!!

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