Friday, June 27, 2008

bad fluevog! bad!

With every batch of new and great Fluevogs comes the batch of strange and ugly, ugly Fluevogs. Sometimes I think they have 2 completey separate groups of clientele. Here is my list of shameful Fluevogs:

These Memory Hi Compulsions in metallic purple. Ewww. The black is actually kinda fierce but the purple is terrible.

The Blind Faiths Hi Helen. I don't like chains on my shoes period. I can only hope that those heels are, in fact, layered woodgrain and not that peely laminate you see sometimes.

The Blind Faiths Hi Parker. The zigzag stiching, the wood grain, the metal studs, the buckle -- too much! Too much!

The Wereevers Takk in beige and red. These shoes would make anyone's feet look big and clunky, especially in that awful sickly beige colour.

The Style and Grace John Wayne. Under no circumstances do I want my fella in cowhide shoes. Unless, he is actually a dairy cow. In which case I suppose his footwear is the least of my problems.

The Summertimes Ashbury. I hate everything about these shoes. First off, I don't think anybody looks good in ankle boots despite the trend. They cut you off at the ankle and make even the tallest, skinniest girls look stout and round. These ones I find particulary offensive because of the giant clunky heel, the Frankenstein like stitching and the colour.

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Canadian in London said...

Those purple shoes are the worst things I have ever seen. And the beige monsters- Worst Chloe knock-off!