Tuesday, June 17, 2008

start spreading the news...

Well we're NYC bound tomorrow so you can expect more lazy blogging from me for now but prepare yourself for a giant blog upon our return. Here's a quick snapshot of stuff we're going to do:
Little bit of smooching at the Empire State Building to add to our collection of photos of us kissing in various places around the world;

Little bit of nerding out at the Museum of Natural History. Okay maybe a lot of nerding out;

Kate Spade shopping for Kaili. Okay and maybe for me too:

Chilling at the Beauty Bar (thanks Andrea!!);

Anniversary dinner at the Four Seasons Restaurant (hopefully in the pool room, fingers crossed!);

This play with Frances McDormand, Morgan Freeman and Peter Gallagher called The Country Girl;

Coffee and Jonathan Adler with lovely Abbey;

Lots of fun picture taking of things like this!

Some sssshhhhh-ing at the New York Public Library;

Free sight-seeing courtesy of the Staten Island Ferry;

Some sweet "Marc rowing me around Central Park in a rowboat" action;
Searching for the best pizza in NYC (but not photographing it);
Eating at Les Halles;

And I'm guessing avoiding the rain that's apparently on its way. Who knows what else!!! I'm so excited I can hardly see straight! I'm also so excited for time away with Marc I can hardly see straight. Feels like we've been spending time with everyone else but each other, I can't imagine a better way to celebrate our 1 year anniversary!

See you next week!!

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