Monday, August 24, 2009

weekend round-up

Man. I feel like every Weekend Round-Up post this summer has consisted of "oh it rained, hey look it rained again, this weekend it rained so we cancelled our plans, rain, rain, RAIN!!!" and in between all that rain we make some yummy food. So I guess the rain isn't all bad if it means we're stuck inside making yummy food.

This weekend really wasn't any different. It rained Friday and Saturday and we were dog-sitting Sadie's boyfriend Murray so we knew we were in for a weekend at home. So Friday we ran some errands to prep for a weekend in and rented season 3 of Dexter. Ate some crazy delicious homemade cheeseburgers with maple bacon and some sauteed bok choy on the side, vegged out for a bit and then - get this- we set up our laptop on a table in the bathroom and watched Dexter and ate snacks from the tub. It kicked ass. Like the epitome of laziness really.

Saturday, pretty much more of the same - Marc made pancakes, we went out and picked up some frames for some of Marc's old photographs, came home and pretty much ate Friday night's supper all over again.

Sunday the weather looked like it might get nice but it really didn't. We cooked up dinner in the slowcooker and I successfully tamed our yard chipmunk, something I've been trying to do all summer. Had some fun with him and so here's a video.

He leaves but comes back at the 4:10 mark and gets all up in my herb garden.

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