Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hot Bunny Radio Playlist for August 27th


* denotes Canadian talent
italics denotes a new release

  • The Rural Alberta Advantage -- Luciana -- Hometowns *
  • Joel Plaskett Emergency -- Weight It Down -- In Need of Medical Attention *
  • Camera Obscura - Hey Lloyd I'm Ready to be Heartbroken -- Let's Get Out of This Country
  • REM -- So. Central Rain -- Reckoning (VINYL)
  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds -- Babe, You Turn Me On -- The Lyre of Orpheus
  • Ray Lamontagne -- You Are The Best Thing -- Gossip in the Grain
  • The Beach Boys -- Fun, Fun, Fun -- Live in Concert (VINYL)
  • The Paper Cranes -- Chivalry's Dead -- Chivalry's Dead *
  • Bright Eyes -- Papa Was A Rodeo -- Score! 20 Years of Merge Records
  • Thee Headcoatees -- Meet Jacqueline -- Girlsville
  • The Antlers -- Thirteen -- Hospice
  • Feist -- My Moon, My Man -- The Reminder *
  • Kip Tyler -- She's My Witch -- It Seems So Funny To Me comp
  • Zeus -- Marching Through Your Head -- Sounds Like Zeus *
  • Willie Nelson -- Hands on the Wheel -- Red Headed Stranger (VINYL)
  • Amy Millan -- Old Perfume -- Masters of the Burial *
  • Kimya Dawson -- Everything's Alright -- I'm Sorry That Sometimes I'm Mean
  • Damian Jurado -- Best Dress -- Caught in the Trees (VINYL)
  • David Bowie -- Cat People (Putting Out the Fire) -- Inglorious Basterds OSR
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs -- Runaway -- It's Blitz!
  • Hall & Oates -- You Make My Dreams -- (500) Days of Summer OSR
  • Iron Maiden -- Run to the Hills - Number of the Beast
  • Fox Jaws -- Dirty Floors -- At Odds *
  • The Weakerthans -- Confessions of a Futon-Revolutionist - Fallow *
  • The Wooden Sky -- Call Me If You Need Me -- If I Don't Come Home You'll Know I'm Gone *
  • Social Distortion -- Reach For the Sky -- Sex, Love and Rock n'Roll
  • Amelia Curran -- Ah, Me -- Hunter Hunter *
  • Regina Spektor -- One More Time With Feeling -- Far
  • Ohbijou -- Eloise and the Bones -- Beacons *
  • The Flaming Lips -- Thank You Jack White For the Fibre Optic Jesus That You Gave Me -- 7 inch
  • feeling a bit uninspired tonight - too much greatness last week maybe?
  • when you feel uninspired you play your faves - enter Camera Obscura and "Hey Lloyd..."
  • The REM you were SUPPOSED to get last week;
  • My fave Nick Cave song - cuz it's amazing AND has the word "panties" in it;
  • ...AND cuz he makes an explosion noise with his mouth near the end;
  • I want to be dancing in the front row at a concert where somebody is playing this Ray Lamontagne song just for me cuz it's about me;
  • Live Beach Boys on vinyl? That's inspiring. It's helping;
  • There's the Bright Eyes cover I mentioned on last week's show;
  • Zeus - also known as the people usually standing behind Jason Collett;
  • New Amy Millan?? Thank F-ing god!! AND she does an old Weeping Tile song?? Swoon!!!
  • Man, that Kimya Dawson song makes me happy. Which, I might add, we've been playing here at HBR ages before "Juno" came out. We're so ahead of our time....;
  • The Hall & Oates for my friend Mike who never gets to hear the show. He listened and told me to knock his socks off;
  • But then I played the Iron Maiden to make up for it;
  • The Wooden Sky = very interesting new stuff for us at HBR;
  • New Amelia Curran - oh man, I'm happy. It's her voice, it's so old school soothing and belongs around a campfire. Let's find her and be her friend;

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