Tuesday, August 18, 2009

more grills

We've been all aflutter about grills around these parts lately. Probably because we've had such a bad summer all we can do is dream about camping instead of actually doing it...

In the continued grilly spirit, here's an awful cool one. The Cobb grill - small, made to be easily carted around, and yet super powerful AND very versatile! Named the 2001 Invention of the Year by Time Magazine too! And let's not even talk about how cute it is..

It only uses 8-10 briquettes (awesome!!) and it can roast, smoke AND bake! And it has something fancy called a "moat" that lets you cook vegetables at a cooler temperature while you cook everything else! The outside stays cool and the inside can reach up to 500 degrees Farenheit, all while consuming less fuel and insulating as a way of fire prevention.

So now that you love this grill get ready for this -- it's only $159.95!!

• Find it: Cobb Premier Stainless Steel Grill, $159.95 at Garrett Wade

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