Sunday, August 30, 2009

(500) days of summer

My heart!! I LOVED this movie!! This movie has all of my favourite things in it - an amazing soundtrack that acts as another character in the movie, lovely and clever little scene transitions, cute and never overused little bits of animation, and perfect perfect casting choices.

First things first, this movie is certainly not going to do anything to lessen the world's crush on Zooey Deschanel. She is AH-DOOR-AH-BULL in this movie. Adorable and stunningly beautiful. Not to mention her insane wardrobe. I fear I missed most of the movie as I was mesmerized by all her amazing dresses and blouses. Dressed entirely from Anthropologie or Modcloths to be sure. Although I will say (HERE IS A SPOILER!!!) whoever picked the ring she wears at the end of the movie failed miserably. She spends the entire movie in these amazing vintage-style clothes and they give her a run of the mill People's jewelers engagement ring? It was horrible. Big....but just ugly.

And for the ladies? If you don't leave this film with a mad schoolgirl crush on Joseph Gordon Levitt well then I just don't even know. If I had a Freebie Five, he would be at the top of the list 100%.

Even with all the love I have for this movie though, I fully admit that it has quite possibly the worst closing line in the history of movies. Ugh.......corny with a capital CORN.

But most of all, this movie is about love. And not a lovestory, just about love and fate and destiny. Me, I'm a huge believer in love and probably even fate and destiny. And not just because I'm a happily married woman. But because I'm generally in disbelief of anyone who doesn't believe in love.

I absolutely believe that two people can love only each other and stay in love for their entire lives together. Why wouldn't you want to believe in that? It's a great concept. But I also believe that that doesn't have to be the case for everyone and shouldn't necessarily be something everyone should strive for.

I believe that the feelings of love and everything that goes with it are what keep you coming back for more even if you lose it.

I believe that some people really are destined to be with just one person and others are meant to experience multiple loves in their lives. And who's to say who's the luckier person really? Not me. And why wouldn't you want to believe in that too? Some people think it's impossible for 2 people to expect to be in love forever. And I agree with that - it's not something you should expect. We can hope for it and work for it and try our hardest. But sometimes that's not how it happens. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't happen and losing it once shouldn't mean you write it off forever. I can't imagine living my life thinking that love should be something you limit because one time it didn't work out in your favour.

I think a person should have as many great loves as their heart can handle. And if your heart only has room for one, well then that's fine too. Just don't spend your life thinking it has to be just one way.

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Erin said...

I was googling for this exact topic - I agree that the e-ring is so BLAH for Summer! She would not wear that boring old ring! It was way off from her taste! Boo.