Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hot Bunny Radio Playlist for August 20th

CKLU 96.7 FM
* denotes Canadian talent
italics denotes new release

Tomorrow is Big City Kelly's birthday and since she's my favourite, she gets tons of music tonight...

  • Jason Collett -- Nothing to Lose -- Here's to Being Here *
  • The Kinks -- A Well Respected Man -- Greatest Hits (VINYL)
  • The Queers -- Sidewalk Surfin' Girl -- Don't Back Down *
  • The Replacements -- Colour Me Impressed -- Hootenanny
  • Neko Case -- This Tornado Loves You -- Middle Cyclone (VINYL)
  • Rancid -- That's Just the Way it is Now -- Let the Dominoes Fall
  • Dressy Bessy -- Who'd Stop the Rain -- Electrified
  • Patsy Cline -- Foolin' Around -- The Patsy Cline Story (VINYL)
  • Echo & the Bunnymen -- Bring on the Dancing Horses -- Songs to Learn and SIng
  • REM -- Camera -- Reckoning (VINYL)
  • Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs -- For All This -- Dirt Don't Hurt
  • David Bowie -- Moonage Daydream -- Ziggy Stardust (VINYL)
  • Billy Bragg -- Strange Things Happen -- Back to Basics
  • Saturday Looks Good To Me -- Underwater -- All Your Summer Songs
  • Johnny Thunders -- London Boys -- So Alone
  • Elvis Costello -- Miracle Man -- My Aim is True (VINYL)
  • The Knickerbockers -- Lies -- Quivers Down the Backbone comp
  • Phoenix -- Lasso -- Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
  • Big Star -- September Gurls -- #1 Record/ Radio City
  • The Jam -- Billy Hunt -- All Mod Cons
  • Maow -- How Does That Grab You -- THe Unforgiving Sounds of... *
  • Two Hours Traffic -- Territory -- Territory *
  • Hank Williams -- Lovesick Blues -- The Very Best of Hank Williams (VINYL)
  • Kelly Hogan & the Pine Valley Cosmonauts -- Papa Was A Rodeo -- Beneath the Country Underdog
  • Simon & Garfunkel -- Sounds of Silence -- Sounds of Silence (VINYL)
  • Ronnie Spector -- Don't Worry Baby -- She Talks to Rainbows
  • John Doe & the Sadies -- Husbands and Wives -- Country Club (VINYL)
  • Wanda Jackson -- Making Believe -- It Seems So Funny To Me comp
  • Social Distortion -- I Was Wrong -- Live Heat (VINYL)
  • Plumtree -- Open the Window -- Mass Teen Fainting *
  • Gordon Lightfoot -- If You Could Read My Mind -- Gord's Gold (VINYL) *
  • Wilco & Billy Bragg -- California Stars -- Mermaid Avenue
  • Otis Redding -- These Arms of Mine -- Live in Europe (VINYL)
  • Stiff Little Fingers -- State of Emergency -- Inflammable Material
  • Dave Clark Five -- Glad All Over -- 45 (VINYL)
  • Cuz nobody's swoons over Jason Collett like Big City Kelly;
  • Not that Big City Kelly is a well respected MAN or anything...
  • Cuz when I think of Big City Kelly, well colour ME impressed!
  • maybe not Big City Kelly's favourite Billy Bragg song but it's certainly MINE. "Our love is so strong it moves objects in our house." Best. Lyric. Ever.
  • I honestly don't know how Big City Kelly feels about Johnny Thunders but come on right?? What's not to love?? She must love...
  • Wondering why I have 2 copies of My Aim is True on vinyl.....
  • Again, dont' know how Big City Kelly feels about Phoenix but given her excellent taste I assume she must love the new record just like I do...
  • Lovesick Blues -- one of MY all-time favourite songs. Desert island track doesn't even describe it...
  • Seriously, Big City Kelly and I were THE youngest people at the Simon & Garfunkel show we saw....SO worth it.
  • Big City Kelly, the only other person I know who gets weepy listening to If You Could Read My Mind;
  • California Stars, one of my favourite songs off one of my all-time favourite records;
  • Oh Otis........
  • No 45 Death Match tonight cuz for Big City Kelly, nobody EVER beats the Dave Clark Five!!


kelly said...


I absolutely HATE that I don't have a computer, cuz that looks like one of the best HBR shows in the history of the world. And all in honour of me?? You really are the best ever.

Man. I really *do* have good taste in music, eh?


kelly said...

Oh, and a few things:

*of course I like Johnny Thunders! Though if you had played Can't Throw Your Arms... I likely would have lost my mind. So thanks for not doing that.

*I also like Phoenix, but haven't heard the new album.

*Is that Kelly Hogan cover of Papa was a Rodeo not just one of the loveliest things ever?

*I love that you're still listening to my Quivers Down the Backbone comp!

*That S&G/Ronnie/John Doe sequence... man. Part of me is glad I COULDN'T listen, cuz I think I'd *still* be crying.

Seriously, you're the greatest.