Sunday, July 26, 2009

what i did on my summer vacation: part two

Post-Toronto - on to River Valley for the River and Sky Camping and Music Festival and outside of biblical sized rainstorms, the weekend could not have been a bigger success!!

Held in a tiny little Northern Ontario campground, this festival offered everything the big boys do but without the over-crowding and the blown out of proportion costs. Nothing but gorgeous scenery, hometown crowds, killer bands and good old fashioned musical communing with a group of people entirely on the same page.

It was the first year for the festival and every single person left the grounds already planning for next year. We didn't camp this year due to logistical hiccups but next year look out! We've already got a mental blueprint of our campground for River and Sky 2010!!!

Here's a killer father/son moment captured by the great Debb Trahan-Pero. Kinda sums up the whole weekend....
Here's a pic of the river that runs right through the festival grounds taken by the brains behind the festival, Peter Zwarich.

And here's The Joliettes performing on Friday night.

And here's the great GREAT stage looking like something right out of a Hayden album complete with beaver painting and orange shag carpet and twinkly lights.

Seriously, keep this new festival on your radar for next summer. You will not be disappointed!!

Congrats to anyone and everyone involved in making this little gem sparkle even in the pouring rain!!

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