Tuesday, July 7, 2009

opera timer

Now 90% of the time I think most super gimmicky kitchen stuff is useless but I saw this today and thought it could be great for getting little kids to help with dinner in a way that's super fun for them.

It's a pasta timer in the shape of a little man - you put it in the pasta water and once the water has been boiling long enough the dude sings opera. OPERA!!!

The timer inside is activated by dropping the timer into boiling water . Then after 7 minutes he breaks into song. If you have pasta that needs to be cooked longer he'll switch to other songs at 9 and 11 minutes. Wanna know what he sings? He will bust into "The Triumphal March" from Aida, then into "The Chorus of Hebrew Slaves" from Nabucco and then finally "La Donna e Movile" from Rigoletto.

What kid wouldn't want to help with dinner if there were singing cookware involved?

You can find it for the much too steep price of $29.95 here: Al Dente Pasta Timer.

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