Tuesday, July 7, 2009

top ten fancy foods

Over at The Kitchn, my new favourite daily read, they were talking about their top 10 favourite things and this year's Fancy Food Show. These 2 things really caught my eye for sure:

"Black Garlic: Fermented for 30 days under high heat, it turns out garlic goes black. That you can see. What you can't see is how sweet and mellow it is. Use it as you would roasted garlic: smashed on bruschetta, as a meat rub, in sauces. But then expand your mind to desserts: the Black Garlic people do something with bananas and vanilla ice cream... My only wish is that the treatment was being given to domestic garlic. This stuff comes from Korea and I'm not about to start fermenting my own in my 600 square foot apartment. (www.blackgarlic.com)"

"Grapefruit Yogurt from Siggi's Skyr's: I've been a fan of this Icelandic-style yogurt since my daughter made it one of her first foods two years ago. Siggi, a dashing six foot plus Icelandic yogurt man, is introducing a new flavor: Grapefruit. Another yogurt company makes a sickly sweet grapefruit yogurt, which inspired the grapefruit yogurt cake in my book, but Siggi's is my new favorite. This one is going into heavy rotation. (www.skyr.com)"

"Pickled Dwarf Peaches from Conti: Not available for sale (yet) but a great idea to play around with for those of you who are into preserving. A little vinegar, oil and water, plus some bits of truffle. "Nothing else." Eaten like olives. Exquisite. I met these guys while in Florence. I also recommend their wild boar sauce and organic honey. (www.tuscanyflavors.com)"

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