Sunday, July 12, 2009

weekend round-up

This weekend I flew solo mostly as Marc had some Toronto gigs with The Saltcoats - one at the Dakota (which ended up being a full house!) and one at Mitzy's Sister. Alas I couldn't make the trip but will meet him in the big city for Neko Case at Massey Hall on Tuesday!!!!!

Friday we night we caught the late show of Public Enemies which, you may have noticed, I was a wee bit excited for and I must say, I was not disappointed. Here's why:
  • Was it a great historic piece on Dillinger? Not really. But was it a great bank heist movie? For sure. A bunch of guys in their 20's running around robbing banks acting like, well guys in their 20's;
  • How good was Johnny Depp? Real real good. Dillinger was known to be incredibly charming, well dressed and even graceful and Depp really was the perfect choice;
  • Honestly, if someone like that had come up to me and said they liked baseball, movies, good clothes, whiskey, fast cars and me, I totally would've gone with him too;
  • Marion Cotillard is about as adorable as anything. She had a horrible accent but it didn't bother me one bit;
  • The action sequences - they switch back and forth between film and video for the shoot-outs and even though some of the handheld close up camera shots are a bit hard to see at times, it was a very welcome change to your standard 1930's gangster shoot out scenes where they just cut back and forth from the window with the bank robbers shooting tommy guns to the cops hiding behind their car doors. It really gave a unique perspective and frankly a great close up look to the shoot-outs;
  • Killer cast - Christian Bale, Billy Crudup (as a great J. Edgar Hoover) and just about every other great character actor I love, even though I wonder why some of them showed up for such small and largely meatless parts;
  • It's been such a long time since I've seen Johnny Depp in a "regular guy" role. It was just nice to see him not dressed like a pirate or a Tim Burton character that I think I am just feeling very Depp-refreshed. You forget how good he is even without inches of makeup and wigs. Seriously -- it's been since 2004 since he played a "regular guy!!"
  • It was long. Too long. But I do declare, 2 hours and 21 minutes of Johnny Depp being THAT dreamy is enough to make a girl weak in the knees.
All in all, I quite liked it as a great little depression era bank robbery movie. But not as a deep character picture revealing the inner workings of a legendary historical figure. Which is fine by me.

Saturday I hung with the folks and my neices and Sunday went for breakfast, hung with the nieces some more and my folks came over to help me set up my new bed in my guest room!! Now I can have real company and not ask them to sleep on a futon meant for the trash like last time! AND I get to buy new sheets now, one of my favourite things to purchase!

Tonight I anticipate a new episode of True Blood and the season premiere of Entourage!

And now, we continue to count the sleeps until my favourite female performer at my favourite live music venue. Eeeeep!!!

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