Tuesday, September 23, 2008

jim and pam

Alright so all my celebrity gossip sleuthing has dug up some Jim and Pam kinda spoilers. And I say kinda because really, I want no part of spoilers and this doesn't really spoil anything. It's more some interesting info about my boyfriend Jim and his girlfriend Pam.
According to Lainey who is quoting from Ausiello, there is much ado about Jim and Pam this season on The Office. So here's the deal, Ausiello managed to corner Office writer Mindy Kaling (who also plays crazy Kelly on the show ) at the Emmy's and got her to reveal that the year not only has many ups and downs for our favourite couple and confirms that something "momentous" will happen between them in the rain. Will Jim propose?? Will he propose and she'll say no??? Will they break up in the rain????
Personally as much as I hate to admit, I suspect a break-up. Pam made a weird face last season when Jim said her proposal was imminent and for them to be all happier ever after just seems too easy. Lainey also seems to think that Mindy seems to be all too tired of the whole Jim and Pam thing and that since she's a writer that fact wouldn't bode well for the poor lovebirds. Minday also laments about poor Meredith and how nobody seems to care about her drinking problem. And she's right. I kinda don't.

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