Monday, December 8, 2008

weekend round-up

Oh weekend, why do you have such a hold on me????  It's cuz it's about 5 seconds before Christmas and I pretty much have nothing done.  Well, that's not true.  My decorations pretty much kick some huge ass but that's about all I've got to brag about really.

Friday we had our office Christmas party and this year we opted for low-key casual.  Instead of hitting the town, we started at about noon in our boardroom, ordered in take-out Korean food, played Wii games, drank cocktails and ate snacks for the evening and we all managed to be tucked in our beds before midnight.  It was pretty fun.  I've never played Wii anything before and I'm a total convert and it took all my strength not to go out first thing Saturday morning and buy one.  SOOOO fun!!!  MarioKart has always turned me into a bit of a roughneck with the swearing and Friday proved to be no exception.  I don't know why it does it but take me to the horseraces and you'll see the same thing.  It ain't pretty.  

Friday was also my big brother's birthday -- happy birthday to big brothers!!!!!!!

Saturday we had yet another giant, giant snowstorm and of course, we had a pile of unavoidable stuff that required us venturing out into the worst of it.  Thankfully, it was all pretty fun - a dance recital for Marc's 10 year old niece (adorable!!! and with baking!!!) and then on to a fundraiser for our college radio station CKLU and home to my very own Hot Bunny Radio.  Made it home in one piece but had to opt out of my bro's birthday party due to the horrible weather and me being exhausted and feeling crappy.

Sunday we froze our butts off doing all the stuff we need to do but thanks to a visit from our fireplace guy earlier in the week we were able to bust out our first fire of the season!!  It was also Sadie's first fire ever and as you can see, we think she's all aboard.  Like Cleopatra she was lounging so I threw down an extra pillow for her to look extra queen-like.  A visit from our friend Ben capped off the evening as we helped him drown his sorrows (his Aussie gal Fran has ventured home for a 3 month visit -- Fran we miss you!!!).


kelly said...

Once again, she is ridiculously beautiful. So regal!

And yes, Wii will do that to you. I bought one for Steve for Christmas last year (on a whim about a week before Christmas... it was a serious mission to find one) and it always proves to be crazy fun. His 90-year-old grandfather kicked all our asses at Wii bowling.

We now have the full Rock Band/Guitar Hero/Wii Fit/MarioKart setup in our living room. It's like our house is inhabited by college kids.

Jane Flanagan said...

I'll never tire of Sadie pictures!

Abbey Goes Design Scouting said...

that puppy is so CUTE! happy weekend!