Sunday, December 21, 2008

5 things I love everyday

So Jane tagged me to blog about 5 things I love everyday.  Her link is all pretty with a picture collage but I'm afraid today I'm frazzled with so many things to do I have about 5 seconds to do this post.  Oh the holidays!!  But in words, here goes:
  1. Duh, of course one will be Marc.  I am a good wife and love him everyday.  Especially when he lets me sleep and makes coffee.
  2. Miss Sadie-face.  Even though she's a total handful and tries my patience, her little face is 100% loveable at all times.  She's a furry living and breathing solution to all the crap brought by 2008;
  3. Since the tag is actually about "things" I love, I'll follow the rules and also pick my engagement ring.  It's exactly what I would have picked myself and the fact that Marc designed it with Leif Benner, a goldsmith in the Distillery District in Toronto that I love, makes me love it even more.  What the heck, I'll find pictures.
  4.  My moccasin slippers.  I know they're not the prettiest or the hippest but slippers like this are honestly the one thing that never changes in my life.  First thing on, last thing off every day of my life since I was a kid.
  5. My Kiehl's moisturizer.  Without this, I am a giant scaly mess.

Wow...making this list makes me realize there's a ton of stuff I do love everyday. Picking 5 is hard! 

In the spirit of the post I also tag Kaili, La Belette Rouge, Shannon and Abbey!


Jane Flanagan said...

Yay for Kiehls! I love your list and adore your ring. Beautiful!

Jane Flanagan said...

PS - moccasins are completely hip :) you're so with it ya don't even realize!

La Belette Rouge said...

Tara things for the tag. I seem to be totally unable to keep up with memes and tags lately so I am going to tell you know five things I love everyday and hope I do it on my blog too( please forgive me if I don't;-)
1. Peet's French Roast Coffee.
2. L'Occitane Almond Shower oil.
3. My He-weasel.
4. My puppy I haven't met yet.
5. My MacBook.

Hope you are having a happy and healthy Christmas week. Kisses to Sadie!!!

Abbey Goes Design Scouting said...