Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hot Bunny Radio Round-Up

So something else that fell by the wayside with all the confusion of the last few months is the posting of my weekly radio show playlist. Kelly e-yelled at me to get back at it so I have promised I will. However there's a pile of playlists next to me and rather than re-type all of them, I've decided to highlight some of the most notable new things and just things that I love in general.

On another note, tonight is my annual Christmas show so I invite all of you from afar to tune in online at and stream it live - it'll be great I promise. Songs about Christmas, holidays, snow and winter. Starts at 6pm sharp.

So here's stuff I've loved from October 9th until now:
  • Still loving that Entire Cities record;
  • Basia Bulat's Oh Darling record is too sweet for words;
  • Belleisle = pretty, pretty, pretty;
  • Jay Crocker's song "Tornado Warning" is a really, really good song;
  • The new Jenny Lewis record - to be included in my Best of 2008 for sure. In a nutshell, I saved an iTunes gift card I got for my birthday in May so I could use it for the release of this record in the fall. Oh yeah, don't tell me I don't plan...
  • Sebastian Granger & the Mountains - saw them blow the doors of a tiny bar in Austin during their afternoon showcase - so F-ing good! Death From Above who???? Forget them and run with this Sebastian!!
  • Noah & the Whale - yup I like this record a lot too;
  • Land of Talk and the song "It's Okay" - holy crap, this song made me stop in my tracks and just listen;
  • Jenny Omnichord's new record Charlotte or Otis - an entire record of songs for kids, about kids etc all centered around the birth of her and her partner's surprise baby. The title track is heartbreakingly sweet. Perhaps a bit too heartbreaking for me but I still love it. A must-listen for all those expecting. Plus the record is chock full of celebrity friends....
  • the new Amelia Curran record has finally made me pay attention to her. And man, am I EVER paying attention. War Brides is such a good record and the song Scattered and Small is one I need to listen to once a day at least.
That's about it in a nutshell. A teeny tiny nutshell. Be sure and listen for your fix of holiday cheer from 6-8pm tonight! I'll post my full playlist from that show I promise!!