Tuesday, December 2, 2008

weekend round-up

So this weekend -- what can you say about a weekend spent watching a real live episode of The West Wing unfold before our eyes? Canadian politics thrilling and exciting?? What's that you say? That's right - the shit is hitting the proverbial fan here in Canuck land and it's awesome. Who would have thought a phrase like "coalition government" would be so exciting??

Anyway, Friday Marc and I didn't do a whole heck of a lot except make some dinner and watch some The Wire. Not a bad night I say...

Saturday Marc, Sadie and I started the day bright and early with a lovely walk to the lake to watch the ducks. We spent the afternoon in the park for a puppy play date to end all puppy play dates. We met up with folks from Marc's office and their dogs and we pretty much watched the pups tear around the park non-stop for over an hour. We decided it was time to wrap things up when one of the dogs threw up from exhaustion. Vomit and all, it was pretty great and Sadie spent the whole rest of the day completely unconscious. I took my niece Sarah to see "A Year With Frog and Toad" at the theatre centre as a belated birthday present and it was pretty great. The kids were adorable with their big wide eyes and belly laughs.

Sunday we ran about 100 errands and took Sadie with us for all of them to get her used to being in the car. She did amazingly well and spent the time having a series of small naps while we shopped. We popped into the Linens n' Things bankruptcy sale on a whim and I'm so happy we did. I finally found a spice system I'm happy with!! We found this wall-mounted version with 5 simple spice jars that are exactly what I was hoping to find. We bought 5 of them and mounted them vertically on the wall and now we have a little spice work of art on what was otherwise a useless space of wall. I love it and think all the spices being visible like that looks awesome. Yay for bankruptcy sales!

Sunday I also bought all my garland for the mantle and got that all set up and it's so pretty I can't stop looking at it. I'm going to take pictures of the finished tree and mantle soon but I'm kicking around the idea of wrapping my stair railing too so I may wait until it's all done before I post them.  Oh, AND a Gossip Girl marathon on all weekend????  A marathon of Season 2???  AND Marc went out to get chicken-on-a-bun dinners from Deluxe???  My heart! It's too much greatness!!!

Monday brought the realization that like much of society, Sadie hates Mondays. She was a completely harpy on our walk Monday night after being a complete angel all weekend. Tonight we had a private lesson with our puppy obedience trainer to tide us over until classes officially start in January. Man, did she ever teach Sadie a thing or two about this whole biting thing and why it's not going to happen anymore. Sadie has spent the rest of the night tonight pouting as a result and it doesn't bother me in the slightest. Times they are a changing Sadie-face!!!!!


kelly said...

Your weekend sounds fabulous. I'm a bit envious for a few reasons:

1) I hate my current spice system and have been looking for an improvement. Your wall-mounted system is superb! I wish something like that would work in my tiny, awful kitchen.

2) Katie's too mean to have puppy play dates.

3) I set up my tree on Sunday but it's still surrounded by boxes of other decorations I haven't had time to put up. I was hoping I'd be feeling suddenly Christmassy, but I'm just not.

4) I had no idea there was a Gossip Girl marathon on.

5) Deluxe! Oh god, I miss Deluxe. Last time we were up, Steve and I snuck out and went on a date there to share fries and a chocolate milkshake. If there's a heaven, I think it looks a lot like Deluxe.

Glad you guys had such fun. :)


PS - only 17 more sleeps til I'm there!

tara said...

You can mount them on a backsplash too and also they're magnetic so you can slap them right on your fridge too -- check your linens and things.

Do you really think they couldn't play together?? I bet they could. Dogs will be dogs and Sadie is pretty submissive when she plays with other dogs.

We should go to Deluxe when you come to town and get a family size fry and eat the whole thing. Just like high school all over again! Too cold for night swimming though....

Maplegirl said...

I too have to supress my bankruptcy sale glee while in Linens N' Things.

I'll bet all those workers are thinking, "where were you f#$%ers six months ago! I'm out of a job in a damned recession, asshole! Enjoy your cheap luxurious towels."