Wednesday, December 24, 2008

santa time!!

It's that time of year again and like most bloggers, us here at C.Y.G.T.S will be taking a bit of a blog break to enjoy the festivities.  All my gifts are wrapped, the house is clean, baking is moments away from being done, cocktails with Kelly have been drunk (drank, drinked) and everything seems to be more or less in order.  Here are some pics of Casa Tara all decked out for the holidays!

Kaili, note the teddy bear ornament fashioned by you for me in the mid-80's!!!  He's still in fine form!!
And this is a picture of our next-door neighbours house which is just the prettiest thing ever during the holidays.  The house is dripping in pretty white lights as are all the trees and window boxes.  The twinkliness of the whole place really doesn't translate in the photo but seeing it all lit up as we walk home every night really does put you in the spirit.  That, and makes our few little Christmas lights look pretty sad in comparison but what can you do.

Happy holidays to all of my readers and we send buckets of holiday cheer to everyone!!!!  See you on the flipside of it all!!


Jane Flanagan said...

Everything looks beautiful! Merry Christmas, Tara. Hope all your dreams come through in 2009!


tanya k said...

tara, i was looking at this entry again and spotted what appears to be an old library catalog. excellent score!! i saw one in a fancy antique shop around here. of course prices are jacked in touristy areas, so the thing was damn near $2000. yikes!! needless to say, it isn't mine. i wanted to steal their idea of using it as a wine holder by using the name plates as bottle name tags.
anyway, i am going to start my blog now...

tara said...

They're actually CD holders and no they're not antiques -- we bought 2 of them on the internet years ago b/c we couldn't find absolutely anything we liked to hold all our cds. I love them!