Wednesday, December 31, 2008

gingerbread + chocolate = perfection

Here's a real crowd-pleaser of a recipe for all of you to bust out at your next big party.  I know it's a crowd-pleaser because I have already pleased 2 crowds with this Gingerbread Dark Chocolate Trifle from the Food and Drink.  It's a bit of a production to make it only because you have to make the gingerbread, let it cool, make the custard, let it hang out in the fridge for a bit etc etc etc, but it's so worth it.  Each time I've made this there has been a chorus of ooh's and ahh's from all partyguests.  Trust me, make this and you will be the hero of the week.


AnnaVallance said...

Just discovered your blog-wonderful. That trifle looks great-I may have to try that recipe.Thank you.

La Belette Rouge said...

It looks amazing. Hey, Tara, I got my puppy. Come by and see her. Happy New Years to you, hubby and darling puppy girl!

tanya k said...

food and drink is too good. wish it was a monthly!!
the autumn 2008 issue has the best soups. i've made this one a bunch and suggest you do too.
word of advice though: use red indian curry paste (i use pataks) instead of curry powder. the taste is so much better with paste. wow, i rhyme.