Sunday, June 27, 2010

weekend round-up

Well this weekend brought my last weekend of holidays (for a bit anyway) so we had to make sure and say farewell on a high note. Started my Friday bright and early by taking Sadie out to the conservation area for a big hike and a swim -- all by 9am too I might add! Laid low Friday night cuz we were both pretty wiped so we feasted on a dinner of fancy cheeses and sundried tomato hummus. Yum!

Saturday we were out and about early with Sadie again only this time we shared the bush with all the anti-dog people in town it seemed. My favourite was the couple pushing a baby in a stroller (who had their own dog too I might add) who told us both times we ran into them, that they didn't want Sadie anywhere near the baby, despite the fact that Sadie showed zero interest at all in their precious baby. I mean, if she'd been rushing the stroller or something I'd totally get it but she wasn't even aware they had a baby at all. Perhaps they should've paid more attention to their own dog that was straining and pulling on their leash? Or if you're so worried about dogs around your baby, how about you don't bring your baby to a place where dogs are always running off leash? And the best part was that her husband, who was the one pushing the stoller, was totally chill about the whole thing and was all smiley and stuff while his crazy wife was telling everyone with a dog to keep them away from the baby. Jeepers...

Spent the rest of the afternoon taking care of some errands (new insurance deal = boring!) and getting ready for the 2nd annual Savour The Street event put on my our local restaurant association. We went last year for the inaugural event and had such a good time that we had to head down again this year. Basically they close down a street downtown, lay out one big long table that seats 250 people, and a pile of the local restaurants provide a course each. You eat all night under the sunset and there's music and even a loot bag! I'll go just about anywhere if I'm gonna get a loot bag! Last year we went alone but this year we went with 3 other couple friends of ours and did it up in style. Rolled ourselves home with the biggest, fullest bellies ever.

Sunday brought the unfortunate reality that I have to go back to work tomorrow so that meant doing buckets of laundry before the evening rains came. Sadie thankfully avoided any of the anti-dog folk by spending a good chunk of her day in the bush with Marc picking blueberries. I bowed out as picking blueberries likely the last thing I want to be doing right now at more than 7 months pregnant. My sense of balance is pretty much non-existent these days so I think I would've spent more time falling into the bushes than doing any picking. Thankfully I married a champion blueberry picker so he came home with a giant overflowing container full of deliciousness. The plan for these berries you ask? Some will be smoothie ingredients for sure, some will be muffins and the rest are destined to spend the fall in a big container of brandy getting all boozy and delicious.

Tonight I'm spending the evening with some pasta and my super yummy homemade garlic bread and the premiere of the new season of Entourage. I'm really hoping this season isn't as supremely shit-tastic as the last one was. At least someone over at HBO finally realized that Vince needed to cut his AWFUL hair....

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