Sunday, June 27, 2010

manchego with honey brown butter sauce

A few weeks ago some friends of ours hosted a tapas dinner party and each guest was responsible for bringing one tapas course along with a matched wine. This afternoon as we noshed on a giant wedge of Manchego I was reminded that I never blogged about my contribution to the party! I was super pressed for time that day and didn't have any time to prepare any meat etc so off to the Fromagerie Elgin to procure a huge piece of Manchego. On the food network website I found this insane recipe for Manchego with Honey Brown Butter Sauce that was possibly the easiest thing I've ever made that packed the most flavourful punch. Make this for a dinner party and I swear people will be foaming at the mouth. I ended up cutting the cheese into little pieces instead of pouring the sauce over the whole wedge only because I thought it'd be easier (and less sticky) for people to manage.

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