Friday, June 11, 2010

she & him live!

Had the extreme pleasure of seeing She and Him for a third time the other night and despite the show being at one of my least favourite venues in all of Toronto, the show was incredible. They closed the show with their version of "Roll Over Beethoven" and turned the whole place into a 50's sock hop -- probably one of best cover choices I've seen a band make in a very long time. Got to see the show with a pile of good friends and family so all in all, no complaints from this lady (except for my swollen SWOLLEN feet which would likely have lots to complain about were you to ask them).

"I Was Made For You"

"You Really Got a Hold on Me"

"This Is Not A Test"

"In The Sun"

Here's their really great cover of Joni Mitchell's "You Turn Me On I'm A Radio"

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Shannon said...

so I presume you did not have the crazy security threatening everyone if they filmed or photographed the band. They removed more than one individual..