Monday, October 19, 2009

wilco loves me baby

So we saw Wilco burn the house down at Massey Hall last week and just like last time we saw them, it was stellar. Here's why:
  • everything you hear on the album you hear live. They leave nothing out;
  • Nels Cline is just insanity personified. He's so good it's ridiculous;
  • We had 5th row centre seats, the closest I've ever been at Massey Hall;
  • The openers were Liam Finn and Eliza Jane and they blew me away;
  • There was almost a fight between concert-goers in the same row as us. So uncivilized and yet so entertaining;
  • Every note of every song just fills up every nook and cranny in that entire venue;
  • Jeff Tweedy's vocals -- they're always so warm and close, even in a live show
A quick Youtube search resulted in a pile of videos taken from the show that I just must share

Here's how they opened the show. Yup, with the music from The Price Is Right. Excellent.

Here's Feist who showed up to do the duet on "You and I."

For "Jesus, Etc" they performed it as a full singalong. It was so sweet

The next night they did "California Stars" with Neil Finn. 100% bummed I missed a performance of one of my favourite songs ever.

For all you guitar nerds, here's the insane Nels Cline guitar solo in "Impossible Germany."

"You Are My Face"

"Casino Queen" as their encore.

Brilliant job on "Handshake Drugs."

In addition to a great show, they also had great merch. While, of course, I picked up a great tee for myself I also picked up this killer onesie for our huge Wilco fan pals who just happen to have a baby due this Christmas. For those unfamiliar with the new Wilco record, the line in the single is "Wilco loves you baby" hence the reason why this onesie kicks merch ass.

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