Wednesday, October 21, 2009

pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

These were my Tuesday night experiment in an attempt to clean out all my leftover Thanksgiving pumpkin (without resorting to our standard favourite turkey pumpkin chili). Thanks to my new favourite baking blog My Baking Addiction, I now have a new fave cookie!!

These glorious little clouds of pumpkin might be the cure for the fall blahs. They don't get crispy like some cookies -- they stay soft like little cakes. Out of the oven -- even better.

Try these cookies if you're looking for some hardcore rainy day comfort foods. But don't blame me when you don't have any left the next morning.

Click here for the recipe for these yummy things (and lurk around the blog for 100 other yummy ideas -- I know you'll likely see some of them here in the future!!)

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