Tuesday, October 13, 2009

weekend round-up

Well this weekend was Thanksgiving for all us Canucks so really, the long weekend really feels like it was rolled up into one giant ball. There's no need to divide it up into days so in the spirit of Thanksgiving gluttony, here's what we did in one big giant ball.

We ate, ate, and ate some more, saw tons of family both new and old, we made pumpkin pie from scratch complete with tiny individual pastry maple leaves, made this chocolate almond silk pie, took 4 very long and very hot showers, took some great naps, took a beautiful 2 hour hike in the bush with Marc and Sadie in the middle of all the beautiful fall colours, dug out Bottle Rocket for a rainy morning viewing, drank buckets of great coffee and another lovely glass of brandy, and basically lolled around relishing in how full I was.

God love the Thanksgiving long weekend!!

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