Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hot Bunny Radio Playlist for October 22nd

* denotes Canadian talent
italics denotes a new release

  • Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir -- Death Don't Have No Mercy -- Fighting & Onions *
  • Violent Femmes -- Faith -- The Blind Leading the Naked (VINYL)
  • Old Man's Beard -- Tofino -- Old Man's Beard *
  • Van Morrison -- Crazy Love -- Moondance
  • Said the Whale -- B.C Orienteering -- Islands Disappear *
  • Thurston Moore -- Honest James -- Trees Outside the Academy
  • Talking Heads -- I'm Not in Love -- More Songs About Buildings & Food (VINYL)
  • LCD Soundsystem -- Pilooski remix -- 45:33 Remixes
  • Guided By Voices -- Chasing Heather Crazy -- Isolation Drills
  • You Say Party! We Say Die! -- She's Spoken For - You Say Party! We Say Die! *
  • The Monks -- Dear Jerry -- Bad Habits (VINYL)
  • Ohbijou - Make It Gold -- Beacons *
  • Pete Yorn -- EZ -- musicforthemorningafter
  • Dead Man's Bones -- A Zombie For You -- Dead Man's Bones
  • She & Him -- You Really Got A Hold On Me -- Volume One
  • The Clash -- Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice) -- Sandinista! (VINYL)
  • Cuff the Duke -- Need You -- Way Down Here *
  • Po'Girl -- Things We Believe In -- Deer In The Night *
  • Noisettes -- Wild Young Hearts -- Wild Young Hearts
  • The Flaming Lips -- Convinced of the Hex -- Embryonic
  • Dragonette -- Liar -- Fixin to Thrill
  • Little Girls -- Youth Tunes -- Concepts *
  • The Bellwoods Crew -- Staten Island Waltz -- Friends in Bellwoods 2 *
  • Dan Mangan -- Pine for Cedars -- Nice, Nice, Very Nice *
  • Immaculate Machine -- You Destoyer -- High on Jackson Hill *
  • David Bowie -- Changes -- Rykodisc 20th Anniversary
  • Sugar -- Changes -- Rykodisc 20th Anniversary
  • How can I not play a record by a band called Old Man's Beard?? Especially when they have a song called Tofino? When we were in Tofino Marc wore some old man's beard as a fake beard. Classic Marco...
  • If the opening notes of "Crazy Love" don't make you want to take your pants right off then I worry about your loins and their ability to function properly;
  • Thank god for the Said the Whale request cuz it gave me an excuse to play that record YET AGAIN!! So good!
  • Something about the Thurston Moore opening instrumental part is so fitting to the snowy weather...
  • Dear LCD Sounsystem: I'll have a knickers danceparty to the original 45:33 but it still won't get me to run. Break the news to Nike....
  • I cannot get enough of Chasing Heather Crazy today;
  • I want The Monks to live in my house and play music for me when I'm feeling down...
  • This Pete Yorn record makes me blush. That is all I'm saying.
  • Maybe if I keep saying it it'll happen sooner -- Volume Two from She & Him PLEASE!!
  • Noisettes eh? You are fun I say...
  • Dear Dan Mangan: I love that you used the word "chemise" in your song;
  • Still, cannot get enough of Immaculate Machine's "You Destroyer." Somebody teach me this song on guitar...

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